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If you're hella bored, you're hella from the bay.
3.8 hours ago
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Oh my, I've apparently answered all the questions. You guys should ask some more. I'm hella bored.
4.1 hours ago
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So I've really struggled with romantic connections at college. I've been submerged in hookup culture...
4.9 hours ago
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I just took 20 benadryl and my mouth is numb. What bad choices have you made lately?
5.5 hours ago
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When your friend says they're going to bed, but you see them posting shit on tumblr, like 'hon if yo...
6.3 hours ago
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Have you seen Daredevil on Netflix? What do you think?
7.1 hours ago
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Are you allowed to have a pet fox?
7.2 hours ago
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Allow me to settle it. Associate with what you want. Physical traits don't have to determine gender...
7.3 hours ago
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Okay people. I screwed up and drank way too much coffee today. It's 1:43 AM here and I'm not going t...
7.4 hours ago
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So I posted an ad and I got an email saying white people need to stop dating Mexicans and Hispanics....
7.5 hours ago
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Ah, thanks, I appreciate the help :} I need more than two double chests. I want to build a glass wal...
Thank you. I just put one on the ballot. Nightmare from Soul Calibur. I love the character and would...
Banned for being reasonable.
You should wait a few weeks when I'm in Alaska. I'm not sure it would make it here before I move out...
Update: Day 18: They're gone.

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