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How can anyone be obsessed with Bella and Edward when Buffy and Angel are out there?
10 minutes ago
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I'm pretty sure the scale in my bathroom is messed up. Either that or I lost ten pounds over the co...
26 minutes ago
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do you think someone can be bi?
38 minutes ago
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so the FCC won't let me be or let me be me, so let me see...they tried to shut me down on MTV, but i...
42 minutes ago
Answer this Is this music good?
48 minutes ago
Answer this Carthage, MS: Median Income $23,517 49% Non-family Households 59.6% Black...
48 minutes ago
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what are some fun songs to play on guitar?
55 minutes ago
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I finally bought myself a violin!
1 hour ago
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Did you know that you can run faster by increasing your foot speed? You can also go slower by decre...
1.4 hours ago
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you guys know that Maroon 5 song that goes "I AM IN MISSOURI"
2.9 hours ago
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banned for poor taste in headwear
That's the thing! College killed his soul! :D
Out comes assorted fruits In goes a punch because fuck that machine
They call him Hermit the Frog He's looking for a dog Did you find your bitch in me?

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