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Will you be my roommate?
5 minutes ago
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Upon graduating college last May, my friend group has been geographically broken up and we're now al...
16 minutes ago
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Have you ever seen that anime called Wakfu?
33 minutes ago
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Why don't they just change the name of Nestea to Nastea already. Gross!
1.1 hours ago
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How does it benefit advertisers to show the first few seconds of an advertisement and then let the p...
1.1 hours ago
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What do you usually beat yourself up about?
1.3 hours ago
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How far are you from where you were born?
2.4 hours ago
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Is it possible to be a trans Lesbian? As in, I like girls, I always have, and I've never liked guys,...
2.8 hours ago
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i'm having an existential crisis please help
3.2 hours ago
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D you ever write a sentence and reread it and it doesn't make sense/there are a ton of errors?
4.3 hours ago
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Yeah, backhanded statements are generally only seriously frowned upon if they're personal attacks, w...
Hm, they do that at my school too. And there were dogs in the Diag very recently. And you mentione...

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