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There are absolutely no pro sports teams anywhere in my state. There are though, in the neighboring...
55 minutes ago
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Therese Johaug is amazing. I don't know how she manages to work so hard. She deserved that gold meda...
2 hours ago
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At one point in Porter's story, we were trapped at the tip of South America and Porter's response wa...
2.3 hours ago
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I got offered a job at the sheriffs department, and I accepted it.
4.7 hours ago
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Lots of vodka and iced tea with a side of gratuitous og diamond out of a biohazard. Talk to meeee!
5.4 hours ago
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Fellow boob-owners, do you ever just randomly grab your boobs and think 'Wow, I have a boob'?
5.5 hours ago
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Just ordered this album:
5.5 hours ago
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Would you rather fight a bear or anxiety?
7 hours ago
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have you ever had a long distance relationship with someone?
7.2 hours ago
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Anybody else have a significant age gap in their relationship? We barely squeak by the "half his age...
7.3 hours ago
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Sorry, thought you were talking about Scoggles special face there. Must have overlooked that first p...
That's exactly what he did. Here's a hat for your hat so you can tip your hat while tipping your ha...
Don't tease. :P
This video explains the perceptual bias and how the white balance in the photo affects perception. I...
Skyla = mirena. They are the same. Hormonal.

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