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Do you play Town of Salem? If so, can I add you as a friend? What is your username?
18 minutes ago
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What do you think of conventional names with unconventional spelling? (Like Emmaleigh instead of Emi...
41 minutes ago
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What is the last question that you asked?
45 minutes ago
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If you girlfriend was still wearing her ex's ring out of habit, would you insist she take it off?
45 minutes ago
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Which is your least favorite color?
46 minutes ago
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When was the last time you washed your hair?
47 minutes ago
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How do you feel about Amish people?
49 minutes ago
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ralph pls go
2.6 hours ago
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I eat healthy and walk for hours each day, but I can not seem to lose weight. I can't seem to gain i...
3 hours ago
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Supernatural fans: please answer this Not supernautral fans: shut the fuck up. you dont need to pos...
3.6 hours ago
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Exactly. Go in a 1v1 For Glory and you'll see it. People staying on their side of the field chargi...
I also have the demo. I can't be the only one who's a little disappointed in the music.

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