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Recent Questions I thought cha...
16 minutes ago
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Anyone else really terrified of spiders? I saw a dead one stuck to the wall earlier and almost had a...
22 minutes ago
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This function is undefined no place: like home.
24 minutes ago
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Damn, you people know everything! Intellectually, anyway.
1.7 hours ago
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Give me a callsign
1.8 hours ago
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Do you ever feel like you're out of control? I can't make myself do anything anymore. What the fuck...
1.8 hours ago
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So I'm writing a novel. I'd like to ask you guys to read it and tell me what you think. Here's the c...
2.1 hours ago
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Do you know of any other ways to say, "Whatever floats your boat" or, " Whatever tickles your fancy"...
2.5 hours ago
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Terminally ill people should be allowed to end their life if they choose. Really anyone should. It i...
3.2 hours ago
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What is your religious ideology?
3.6 hours ago
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The minimum requirements for AC:Unity includes a GTX 680. The recommended is an i7-3770 and a 780. A...
How so? The video is of the Liberal leader, if that's what you mean.
Hey guys, I'd like you to think about your life and tell me one decision you made that changed your...
But surely their place in the sentence must matter? Syntax and what not? At least when speaking norm...

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