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i'm in college and i live in a dorm, what are good songs to put in a sex playlist?
22 minutes ago
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okay so i'm a freshman in college and one of my high school girlfriend's best friends is going to co...
24 minutes ago
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Favorite reality TV show?
1.1 hours ago
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If I had some childhood trauma happen to me, I think I'd possibly be a serial killer by now. Like wh...
1.6 hours ago
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I can't seem to remember your name. You tuned my ear to the vibrations of deadmau5. I was hoping to...
1.8 hours ago
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Any good YouTube gaming channels you like?
2.8 hours ago
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How would we ask the moderators to make a TCaS app? Like for iOS and android? Cause that would be gr...
3.2 hours ago
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what is the best vine
3.5 hours ago
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What groups/communities have you been a part of throughout your life?
3.9 hours ago
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I have drank my own urine, you?
4 hours ago
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I already rocked that look at age three, I don't need to go there again.
I don't even know why I bother playing this.
I hate that the 1500 USD my mother demanded back from me is probably what's funding my sister's sudd...
Hmmm... I am not sure how I feel about sex anymore. My boyfriend spent the weekend with me and lordy...

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