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is there anyone called mr pony here?
12 minutes ago
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Eye bleach, I need eye bleach.
17 minutes ago
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What's your Tumblr? I'll check it out and rate it if you want.
28 minutes ago
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How do you deal with a flaw you can't fix?
34 minutes ago
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All my regularly DVRed shows are over so my DVR is awfully empty. What do you watch regularly?
36 minutes ago
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Do you rememeber your childhood...? I can't.
55 minutes ago
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Good songs? Anything indie, rock, maybe some pop/rap.
57 minutes ago
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Space Engineers, Anyone?
1.6 hours ago
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Ladies, would any of you be okay with being in a relationship with a normal guy who likes to wear wo...
1.6 hours ago
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Thank you, strangers.
1.8 hours ago
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Civ nights is how I play. I'd be interested, probably too busy to play though.
@Lazro I shot that same guy in Reno! His sister's name was Di.

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