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Thank God I live in a country which attaches so much importance to external beauty. Otherwise these...
10 minutes ago
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All I want to do is drink beer, eat delicious food and fap.
28 minutes ago
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Would you want to read a blog about old-ish (post-2000) movies? I'm not gonna plug myself here. Jus...
1 hour ago
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Jefferson or Burr?
1.3 hours ago
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We hear a lot from the right-wing about why we should leave the EU, so here are some reasons why I,...
1.4 hours ago
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tell me a crazy story from your life.
1.5 hours ago
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Do you like Billy Talent?
1.8 hours ago
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The 1999 remake of House on Haunted Hill is like the director tried to be like David Lynch and was r...
2.5 hours ago
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What does your favorite outfit look like?
2.7 hours ago
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Any Pokemon masters here who can help me catch Snorlax?? He keeps breaking out of the Poke Balls! I'...
3.1 hours ago
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Nah, Xbox One.
Basically. And the blue dot is yours, Frosty.
Then why are you so upset? That sounds fun!
You need a broom to sweep. You need a fridge to keep food cold. You need pants to not get arrested o...
[Drifting] away from me. I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces Expanding between you and me. Co...

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