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Okay so if I want to pay someone to have sex with me but I don't want to go down for soliciting a pr...
13 minutes ago
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I've read studies saying 7 hours of sleep is sufficient to function. I can say I pretty consistently...
19 minutes ago
Answer this this is a picture of my puppy Tesla! isn't...
1.9 hours ago
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tell me about the crush you regret the most
3.3 hours ago
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If your boyfriend didn't get you a gift for your birthday, how would you feel? Would that feeling ch...
3.3 hours ago
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I just watched Xmen First Class without too much context about the Xmen series. Can someone explain...
3.4 hours ago
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"Why is it so shocking that women are starting to reject with the institutionalized misandry of femi...
3.8 hours ago
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Do you play CS:GO? If so what is your rank?
4.2 hours ago
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What song gives you the most nostalgia?
4.5 hours ago
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Tell me a secret?
4.7 hours ago
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Jigglypuff is a veteran who has appeared in all the games so far, has totally unique moves, and is p...
Granted. You put on a few hundred pounds, grow tusks, and a wilfred bromiley moustache. You are now ...
Does that...does that really happen? Holy crap. I think my biggest turn-off has to be indecisivenes...
Heheheheheheh. I just had the crazy idea to "ping" my fellow Roleplayers for what time they would mo...
( I genrally use this: 'Bacon lettuce and whine.' For someone's thought. With italics and such for ...

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