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Why do girls only travel in odd numbers? Because they can't EVEN!
4 minutes ago
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What kind of guy should I date?
4 minutes ago
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Who is your favorite camgirl?
13 minutes ago
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The least sexually recognized people in the world: Asian men
14 minutes ago
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Do you think you should have to beg for what you want?
18 minutes ago
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Girls, what do you think about dark skinned guys? I'm not talking about black dudes. I just mean dud...
21 minutes ago
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What did you do, last time you got up from your computer?
22 minutes ago
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Why do we insist on poking the Bear with a stick - we won't like what happens when it finally gets m...
30 minutes ago
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There comes a time where people hit rock bottom. You'd be wise to fear them.
31 minutes ago
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people with penises: is it cool if after I give you a blowjob and you come that i just keep enjoying...
39 minutes ago
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Helloooo I am stuck with a Calculus problem and would love if someone could help me out? I wrote ou...
I'm also playing Dark Souls II right now. It's so GOOD AND FRUSTRATING.
Heh sounds interesting. What did you guys do?
Hey, those are my two favorite things to be impaired by! :P

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