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Does anybody else want a continuation of the Teen Titans show? Or is it just a tinted view from my...
3 minutes ago
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Why are there no mobile apps for this website? Can't someone just take a couple days off and design...
12 minutes ago
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Why do people pretend to give a fuck about suicide? I guess it's much easier to post some shit about...
1.2 hours ago
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What happened to Raven at the end of days of future past? Was she in the flash forward????
1.2 hours ago
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Which God is the right God? Trolololololol
1.5 hours ago
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Why do so many people see the past as better than it was and the future as better than its going to...
1.6 hours ago
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Do you think your perception of yourself is similar to what others think about you?
1.7 hours ago
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Anyone interested in talking on Skype? No cam, just mic though? I'm bored and would just like to jus...
2.2 hours ago
Answer this Aliens attempt to make contact, humans prove they...
2.3 hours ago
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Any one play Guilty Gear? Anyone want to explain some of the story to me?
2.5 hours ago
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I miss Hob's art. I miss ilovemusic's taste in music. I miss Venice's personality and general nicene...
Meals are usually the first things to suffer in my budget as well.

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