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Hey gril, how YU doin??
4 minutes ago
Give me the most complex explanation that you can think of for why 1+1 = 2 - CerebralDatabank
10 minutes ago
I’m v privileged and am grateful but my depression is making me feel very ungrateful of my life. H...
20 minutes ago
I answer every message I can, so I ask you,,, What’s ur pet peeve
59 minutes ago
It’s free real estate.
1 hour ago
What’s the best storyline you’ve done for an online roleplay?
1.9 hours ago
What simple thing can I do to make my hair grow faster?
2.5 hours ago
Alright, 2Cans: I have a proposition for you. I want you to convince my girlfriend that "The Elder...
2.7 hours ago
Anyone ever heard the song Rotisserie by Yung Gravy Ft. BBNO$
2.8 hours ago
Best horror movie?
2.9 hours ago

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^Correct!!! Has possibly heard of Rivals of Aether
You cough it up into a crematory urn. I hold a service in respect for the Calvinball.
Out comes asphalt. In goes webtoons.
Banned for banning without mod approval
Internet Famous + Advertising Revenue = VidCon
Deadlocked, Dance of the violins, etc. MIKU AND RIN
More beautiful than you. I accuse NP of not being my friend.
International Treasure
Granted, you get married. I wish I was more creative.
Similar to corrupt a wish, Except you add a bonus. e.g. Poster 1: I wish i had a dog. Poster 2:Grant...

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