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imagine buying an NFT and actually believing that it'll only increase in value
17 minutes ago
i truly don't understand how a bystander would be as guilty as the actual perpetrator like yes they...
30 minutes ago
I got greedy, I saw the turn on the bottom, I knew I should have sold then, but nah, I was holding b...
1.6 hours ago
what is a question
3.9 hours ago
Ever start feeling like your friends are using you?
4 hours ago
How engaged are you with politics?
4.3 hours ago
I have had an irrational fear that I will wake up and it is 10 years ago. I can't relive through wha...
4.4 hours ago
I don't want to be rich, but I would love to live comfortably with money. Have a house, be able to a...
4.7 hours ago
Do you enjoy poll questions or non-poll questions more?
4.8 hours ago
What do you feel guilty about?
5 hours ago

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Bllns f yrs g, lttl thng clld lf strtd n fr-wy plnt. Ths wr smpl, sngl clld thngs, bt n tm thy vlv...
that is the best pun i have heard in exactly 34 days and yes i hate school but its ok, actually edi...
brownies are good and stories and sleep
8008 / 9818 / 2306 / 1683
i wonder what this little button does
Banned for different better format.
Ooo I want a fruit.
I think I might ask my French teacher to learn Toki Pona with me. She's super cool and loves languag...
god bless the netflix english subtitles
Yes, probably for the next half-year or so. I believe he's doing something with Starcraft right now?

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