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How do I make you smile?
33 minutes ago
Pick a number 1 through 68
1.3 hours ago
Tell me something you hate about me.
1.7 hours ago
happy llama sad llama totally rad llama super llama drama llama big fat mama llama moose goose llama...
1.9 hours ago
Hello! My name is Peppa Pig! This is my little brother George! *snort* This is Mummy Pig!*snort* An...
1.9 hours ago
what day is yalls christmas break '))
2.1 hours ago
can we cut it out with the 15 paragraph questions
2.2 hours ago
what are some weird kinks you have?
2.6 hours ago
Let me ask you a few simple questions. Say I'm your professor. I'm giving you a final exam. I tell y...
3.1 hours ago
I had this thought in the shower: Is air constantly jerking everyone off?
3.2 hours ago

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Belamros pulls a lantern off of his pack and lights it; thankfully, the wick didn't get wet in the s...
2079115 2079117 2079118 2079119 2079120 2079121 Oops, oni beat me to it.
I have succeeded in causing the chaos I vowed to sow
Granted, but you only manage 3 hours of sleep a night I wish I had a gaming PC
I blame the number 42. It's the answer to everything.
That's my favourite series! Im glad you enjoyed it. I'd definitely recommend sticking with the serie...
not lyrics but the songs "crystal tokyo" and "dubwoofer substep" are stuck in my mind rn LISTENER D...
Granted, you get to skip calc ab/bc with full credits too. I wish i had a gpa of more than 3.0

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