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I tend to tear up a little every time I watch the ending to Super Paper Mario. Never played the game...
1 minute ago
How to get good at literary analysis?
13 minutes ago
Has someone you know and love ever confessed something horrible to you? How did you respond?
1.2 hours ago
You know what I absolutely hate? When other people fuck up your life. When other people try to contr...
1.5 hours ago
How do I figure out my right bra size while ordering online? I hear different people advising to go...
3.1 hours ago
"Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the insatiable desire to learn. To know astronomy and geography an...
4.7 hours ago
I've watched this like 9 times in a row now and it still pisses me off https://nora-ren.tumblr.com/...
4.7 hours ago
Are you a movie person? I feel like I should watch more movies.
4.9 hours ago
If a girl weighs 140 lbs, is she fat or considered fat? Please. Thanks.
5.1 hours ago
Tell me about your life. Maybe a little. maybe a lot.
5.4 hours ago

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More in keeping with the original thread topic, Trump has removed most protections against trans stu...
EDIT: Didn't reread the thread, basically already said this.
Ooh, it should be UHF. I love that movie :)
I'm baffled as to how you don't understand both are circumstantially different. I made sure to bold...
Insomnia's back, I've been up all night. I have big plans to record a 5min youtube video today, join...

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