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What's your favorite wild animal and why?
2.3 hours ago
I don't get why we all have to wear masks and social distance at my college if we are all required t...
2.6 hours ago
Remember to water your organs, everyone!
2.8 hours ago
Describe the hottest, most sexually appealing woman you can think of.
2.9 hours ago
I keep seeing people say this what does the word "lule" mean? For example someone says "AIM LULE" or...
3 hours ago
Ok so like years ago I remember watching my dad play this game- I don’t really remember what it was...
3.1 hours ago
Interesting fact In The Princess Bride we never see the counts right hand until Wesley says that In...
3.8 hours ago
In a normal setting is it normal for the managers to be closer friends with the people they're in ch...
4.5 hours ago
about 40% of murderers get away with it (a U.S. stat). Do you think you have a good chance of gettin...
5.8 hours ago
Who's the most important historical figure that no one knows about?
6.3 hours ago

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remastered my alt’s pfp with the new drawing tools (remember when all you had were RGB sliders and...
I socialized and met a new person! Who said gamers were antisocial?
Claiming danyell
Meh it’s fine. A couple of used underwear shoved up children’s a$$es is completely ordinary.
Yeah, that's a good part of the OST
its not clever but switch dlc is region locked and my original copy of splatoon 2 was from the eu so...
being at ease is so difficult for me
I’m Fatty,
i don't know about study to, but monstercat is great for gaming; minecraft in particular a few of ...
i like my ramen noodles very rare / al dente where the center still tastes kinda raw
a Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, specializing in algebraic geometry and alg...
drew the still image of unit 01 grabbing kowaru to practice shading and lighting or whatever

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