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Let's be honest, when was the last time you shaved? For me it's been a month or two
30 minutes ago
Do you eat breakfast normally?
1.1 hours ago
What is your worst memory and what is your best
1.2 hours ago
Do you own a camera? (Not your phone)
1.2 hours ago
If you have no make up wipes, what do you do?
1.2 hours ago
Do you own any pets? What are their names?
1.2 hours ago
Dots or cats?
1.3 hours ago
Do you love the stars or the clouds
1.3 hours ago
If you could change one thing in your life what would it be and why? ~~~
1.3 hours ago
Night or day?
1.3 hours ago

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Shine a blacklight through tonic water. Quinine is flourescent and it looks rad.
Absolutely nailed it, outstanding. Also welcome to the site! Your avatar looks like the AOL guy d...
https://youtu.be/rT-vH052k6o (On my phone)
^I do not <Is an early bird v wakes up early
If /when you do, please provide an opt-out for the notifications. Ping spam can be very annoying.
/\ Is probably OK.
Looking at the colors of the words in his posts, I see Callidus always refers to themselves in pink,...
Narcodor's thrown knife glances off the stone floor inches from the rat's head. The rats, sent into...
We did not need to mention cannabis, thank you.

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