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Band name ideas? (Indie pop/indie rock)
23 minutes ago
Would you listen to a band that's: 1. Indie pop/indie rock with elements of baroque pop 2. Beatles/...
23 minutes ago
Tell me about something you're really interested in!
52 minutes ago
This question is for the ladies, or men if they know.. I have a 6 month old baby, I breastfeed, and...
1.2 hours ago
Please. Please just give me SOMETHING so that I know I should keep fighting for us to be together
1.3 hours ago
February 18, 2018 Last night, for the first time in months, I dreamt of her. I had hoped I wouldn't...
1.4 hours ago
Guys, here's a quick tip about girls: If a girl asks how tall you are, compares your height to hers,...
1.4 hours ago
Quick question for straight people—have you ever stopped to wonder if you are actually straight or...
3.5 hours ago
My best friend is moving abroad for a year. We used to date (year and a half) but never kissed. She...
4.2 hours ago
So bored! Send me a dare?
5.1 hours ago

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one room for each genre of music
Hmmm. Cheeky Granted, but only bad ones. No more missing good subscription service! The power to e...
That would be wonderful. And the amount of people on the site refresh every year. It seems that the ...
THat sounds like a nightmare. I can’t even complain yet because the projected completion date is t...
I second LiV - they were very interesting.
It is a bit weird having a specific message "no blacks or Asians" when you could so easily discrimin...
Granted, but it's incompl- I wish for more oil paint.
Oh yes. Many times of the last 8 years. I'm eternal.
Hence "partly". 😛
Pee wee's big flop
banned for somehouw drowning, jsut drink the water\
out comes myanus in goes bad humor

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