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Get me a liegtment reason for the elecolal coggle
48 minutes ago
Will you be my friend?
1 hour ago
Do you speak the language of cookies?
1.1 hours ago
What's the meaning of ...cookies? What? You thought I'd put life? Loser.
1.1 hours ago
Anybody awake and wanna chat? I'm 22/M fwiw. Just bored out of my mind.
1.3 hours ago
"Anarchist = Idiot" Why?
1.5 hours ago
Having a shitty car is a big turn-off, right?
2 hours ago
Who do you go with when you're shopping for lingerie?
2.2 hours ago
What do you think about before you go to bed?
2.3 hours ago
Bra size?
2.3 hours ago

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