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1.7 hours ago
I'd volunteer to work at a prison Except I'm not sure which side of the bars I'd rather be on
2.4 hours ago
I’m not sure why it’s considered transphobic for a straight cis person to not want to date a trans p...
2.5 hours ago
I legit need to eat more calories. Everyone talks about weight loss but I need more, I’m tired of be...
2.5 hours ago
Have any of you used marijuana? Any opinions on it?
3.1 hours ago
Anyone here dissociate heavily? Like out-of-body heavy? I'm working on a grounding kit that I can ke...
3.9 hours ago
Liberals talking about inclusivity: We should love everyone no matter their beliefs, identities, rel...
3.9 hours ago
How old were you when you had your first kiss? Tell me about it if you'd like to
4.7 hours ago
How do I walk the fine line between bottling up my feelings, and being consumed by them?
5 hours ago
Do you prefer your cheese melted or not melted
5 hours ago

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Bronkyyy I was hoping you linked his answer :c
I got seven PMs. It seems it sent one copy for every linked thread
If possible, could I join you in your Rec Room shenanigans?
Thanks, guys. Top Gun: Maverick was a lot better than I expected it to be, honestly.
me. i dont know. who is it, minty?
Whether they are real or not, some folks just have faces you want to clock up the jaw. List em' here...
Going deaf and blind Being paralyzed Cancer My children dying or being hurt
Check Passed! Yasu manages to scrape a small sliver of the magnetic strip off the card and onto her...
Can Physics: The study of cans in physics areas, like how much g-force a aluminum can can take
Final votes: Cho, Aprzn, Licky: No Lynch J-Rob, Tinny: Licky Antagonist: Sya No majority was reach...
i hope you like it here. its getting pretty busy because school is back on, so there will be more pe...
claiming panczyk90
Also, depending on how bad the situation is, first step to independence is recovering those document...
at least youre not gerard-way-level scared of planes

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