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Do you think you should be able to change your username on this website, but maybe only once a month...
57 minutes ago
Sorry to some of you who have to hear this but I just wanna share it So I normally bleed up to 2ml...
1 hour ago
Any decent offline mobile games? I get absolutely no signal at work and I’m bored
4.8 hours ago
Communication is very hard. I literally have a checklist of how to apologize so I can go over it and...
7.2 hours ago
Any fun online games?
7.2 hours ago
What shows have you watched recently?
7.4 hours ago
My pull out game so strong it counters STD's
7.6 hours ago
All you have to do is exist and you'll be like a celestial angel in my head. I'm drunk on hormones
8.3 hours ago
Can my brain make up allergies? Like I’ve always had allergies to pets and stuff like grass and dust...
8.3 hours ago
Feels like my friends always skip out on me. I'll download a new game for them and the next day they...
9.3 hours ago

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I've only heard it in reference to music and soda, also tires. lol
If it's only on Discord, your IP address is already invisible. There's no need to take that extra st...
Mathy: I think we need to diversify our search. It might not be as obvious as we thought it was. I'l...
Users on the forum: adsfjlk;, Fatty the fat guy, gws
^Left it a long time ago because it was super inactive
Most people commute by foot. Streets always have lots of foot traffic. Aside from a rare instance ...
A screen grab from the Momentary Bliss video I actually got quite a few cool ones.
i am <color value="#fbfcfc">俺は</color>
Lovely Rita, meter maid I've been downright obsessed with this song the last few days. Song Machine...
All hail to the Orrverlord. I pretty much just read his mailbags and watch the youtube show.
Called somebody a cockhole on the road today.
I'm not doing it, but rather, asking for it. Ooh, er.
The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your duck.

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