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Vent about players here.
29 minutes ago
Favorite instrument? Why that instrument?
1.7 hours ago
Psychologically, what causes me (an adult) to be attracted to cartoon characters? Not anime characte...
1.8 hours ago
damn it damn it DAMN IT why couldn’t you be selfish for once? i know they’re your host family an...
1.9 hours ago
P e o p l e w h o h u m b l e b r a g s h o u l d d i e.
2.1 hours ago
2.4 hours ago
I need someone to arrange a piece of music. There was a song I heard once and I was like, "omg I ne...
2.8 hours ago
Name something that doesn't yet have a name.
3.2 hours ago
Mechanical engineers: Is there a formula that relates the distance and angle in a peg and slot mec...
3.3 hours ago
I find myself either completely overwhelmed with messages and questions, or completely bored Pls h...
5.9 hours ago

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It's your turn to tell the winner of the race, the tortoise, "Slow and steady wins the race." The p...
Banned for being human and having flaws
Out comes r/meirl In goes r/2meirl4meirl
You mean like when the Afghan and Somalian* civil wars ended and it was definitely safe enough to ...
Granted, but whenever you try to brush the cat, it kills the cat. I wish for a puppy.
^ about that < 220 pm v after 220 pm
BLECK! Who wants something else to eat instead? Chocolate maybe?
Sundog is the king. We all wait for his return. He will return soon.
I'd probably be the lucky guy that gets a flesh eating infection from a public toilet. I never use...
I think I figured it out. We just redefine all natural processes as naturally occurring backwards, a...
^Is correct
1st place: Getting people to try it. 2nd place: Figuring out how the common features between var...

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