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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
19 minutes ago
Thoughts on questions on thoughts on questions on thoughts on thoughts?
57 minutes ago
Thoughts on this? https://streamable.com/mcz71
1.6 hours ago
If anyone was wondering, 7 people chose 7. Raise your middle hand if your gonna die but maybe if yo...
1.7 hours ago
Thoughts on questions about your thoughts on having thoughts?
1.8 hours ago
Listen up you guys! My teacher, who has two masters and a doctorate, called me the smartest person i...
2.3 hours ago
Give me one of your hottest takes, please
2.5 hours ago
What are you most looking forward to in 2020?
2.9 hours ago
I thnk it be kool to do tha skooba divng rite?
3 hours ago
Is it weird that I actually miss being in the psych ward?
3 hours ago

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Let me try it out... Could one define every word?
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Last year of this decade, I got lucky and met who I'm convinced is my soulmate. The 2020s will be a ...
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