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I've noticed a pattern here on twocans: either I explicitly state every single term supporting a giv...
5 minutes ago
Favorite Chinese Imperial Dynasty?
45 minutes ago
Warning: Rant There's one thing I hate! All the NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! And they'll shriek sque...
2.3 hours ago
What will you give me for a bag of almonds and a shiny rock?
2.5 hours ago
No girls allowed in my blanket fort
2.5 hours ago
If you say Saint Nicholas really fast it sounds like Santa Clause.
4.1 hours ago
Have you ever known a guy who likes Melanie Martinez?
4.4 hours ago
I like boobs man
5.8 hours ago
I've had a pain in my finger for the past two months. It started when I got a bur stuck to it at a f...
5.8 hours ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbJmp61KPgk MOREM EMEs
6.4 hours ago

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Granted, but he doesn't like you. I wish for an Imp.
Banned for being confusing
I didn’t say it was a sensible solution to the problem, I was just pointing out the rationale: “...
I suspect it will get counted, unless the script was coded to cater for it.
Out comes purist culture and other such madness In goes a winter oreo (like regular oreos, but red)
Sounds like a great friend you've got.
When I delete you, maybe I'll stop feeling so bad.
Through a nearby series of mishaps, noodles shaped like the little arrows on ouija boards get stuck ...
You'd make a great plastic surgeon. To power to know if there is a person standing in front of you,...
/\ Thought I might be bitter < Can't believe it's not better \/ Would fry it in batter.
Thanks, I think that HELPS.
All in all the game makes no sense. I feel like he just took some acid and wrote the plot.

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