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Hey if a girl I've known for a long time stops texting me, what could have possibly happened? I rea...
1.4 hours ago
I'm tired of old people keeping progress behind. They'll be gone soon and we will have to cleanup af...
3 hours ago
Johnny Two-Guns or Heckin' Strong Doom Guy?
3.4 hours ago
I feel like I have so much creative and amazing ideas, but no talent to express any of it. I feel tr...
3.7 hours ago
I'm 17 years old and incapable of skydiving. I CANNOT WAIT another year. My apartment looks high eno...
5.6 hours ago
5.9 hours ago
Ok I am being a bit superstitious but I just found out if that 13 is a bad number apparently and bri...
6.2 hours ago
So, I recently started counseling (though BetterHelp, where you message with a licensed counselor/th...
6.7 hours ago
Is it healthy to encourage children to pursue a career that isn’t really a career? Example: My n...
7 hours ago
What's your favorite TV show?
7.1 hours ago

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Why? Can't you just invite him/her to your house over the weekends?
Today, it is twerking. But I ask you, where does tomorrow lead? Next thing you know, all the kids ...
you ever snort anthrax
dude you broke it
Backgammon is rad. I have a super cool old backgammon set I inherited from my grandparents.
I already am that person
Anybody who says that theiy'rerer useage of "their" is correct is a total buffoon I accuse the NP o...
How about someone else run the game? Anyone up for the task?
Given that this is more of a morality and beliefs-based thread than it is a cold-hard-logic thread,...

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