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Countries other than the USA are holding protest marches about Black Lives Matter and protesting wh...
12 minutes ago
Do you know someone who has/had Covid? How are they going?
13 minutes ago
What do y'all think when y'all hear someone say "y'all"?
1.3 hours ago
Do people really use Yubo to make friends or is it really just a dating app?
1.5 hours ago
Short story horror ideas?
2.2 hours ago
Anyone want to do a roleplay of sorts? This is basically a way for me to get out of writers block...
2.4 hours ago
Got any doodling ideas?
2.6 hours ago
What would happen if we had mixed prisons (Male and Female inmates together)?
2.8 hours ago
There has never been a drug free culture ever in our species documented history. I find it funny we...
6.6 hours ago
Please send some ideas for things I should code. If I end up doing your idea, I may send it to you.
7.8 hours ago

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"Well, that's pretty vauge. There's a wide variety of healing potions, are you looking for the most ...
Pink is out, we don't know the rules for how it works yet. As of right now, we're just checking who ...
You can set new long-jump records The ability to give yourself a wedgie
seems like we have some more members
I'm neither agreeing nor disagreeing, but you should show your work. Where have there recently been ...
For poems, it's often just like word vomit, but make it rhyme. I've been writing music for a while, ...
^ Yes i did, also, i was technically the one who revived this < is going to have to work tomorrow 9 ...
Same I just roll with it and every once in a while try to spice things up when I can.
Oh...ok I didn't notice. Also, I anticlaim GayKids101.
My house was on fire but I couldn't find any outside doors. Pretty sure I remember some windows but...

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