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How do I stop procrastinating?
28 seconds ago
Does anyone know what a tulpa is and has anyone ever attempted to create one?
26 minutes ago
What do you want for your birthday? I want you. For my birthday, Valentines Day, Easter, the 4th...
36 minutes ago
I'm offendered when misgendered.
1 hour ago
Ever type out an answer, then realize it's stupid and subsequently delete it?
1.2 hours ago
Are you new here?
1.6 hours ago
Ask me a yes or no/this or that question. Something you can't make your mind up on. Can be somethin...
8.7 hours ago
How important is physical affection to you in a relationship? By this I mean holding hands, cuddling...
8.9 hours ago
Women can totally be funny. But when you think of the funniest people ever it's like never a woman....
9.6 hours ago
I think evolution was kinda cruel to humans for removing the grabby feet. What do you think could b...
9.9 hours ago

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with mangled dicks.
Is that why your doctor was telling you to eat more?

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