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*punches* are you upset
8 minutes ago
Chicken or Beef
8 minutes ago
Why is it so hard to find a guy that is both asexual AND a Christian? Most asexual guys I've talked...
35 minutes ago
So I asked the question "Milk or juice" and 2 different people answered blood.
45 minutes ago
Though his mind is not for rent...
1.8 hours ago
If someone said "question everything you hear" Do you question his point of view?
2 hours ago
tell me to badly photoshop something, i may send it to you if i fell like it.
3.8 hours ago
How long have I been in this shower?
3.8 hours ago
Is water wet? (for a friend) Please. Thanks.
4.4 hours ago
What are some things that are becoming antique in the modern age?
5.5 hours ago

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ASSASSINS aren't supposed to be seen The power to trick people into thinking brain is spelled "bria...
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not right now, if i start one ill say
i just like the old one more
out comes a can of coke in goes mild ADHD
ah a classic
^ Mad as a March Hare
JoJo's bizzare adventure part 4, mostly. It's explained on my profile.
Would be great to put these on the arcade forum!
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