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Do you like turtles?
1 minute ago
I've come to realize that I only possess some semblance of love for one person, and one person only....
15 minutes ago
37 minutes ago
know of any good mods for kotor 1?
1.1 hours ago
I'm going through Eminem's discography for the first time and him rapping about masturbating to Hann...
1.9 hours ago
RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬͬ...
1.9 hours ago
why does my cat meow so much?
2.1 hours ago
How would you describe eating edibles to someone who has had no experience with marijuana?
2.2 hours ago
I'm terrified of being seen, but I'm also terrified that no one will ever truly see me. What gives?
3.3 hours ago
So I can cure cancer by shoving healthy poop up your poop trap. Any takers?
3.3 hours ago

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That seems like a would you rather donnit? It’s either good food or bad food
Granted but they all melt I wish for an unlimited supply of crazy Aaron’s putty
Master exterminator. The power of fixing light bulbs by yourself, but 0.001 seconds faster than nor...
Alright. I'm gonna figure out how to do the pyroland things first though. Also, the new setup is a ...
Mathmaniac125, Millpond Hey Millpond!
^secret identity Homer Simpson?
I'm kinda thinking about it like this: for all vertices a,b,c there exists (a,b) and or (b,c) (such ...
As long as they're not a FREAK.
Banned for banning someone becaus of your own pizza wrap so problems
No major updates today! Only the riddle was solved. Other than that just some bug fixes and tweaks. ...
^You got it. The Wii U faked for the same reasons the Virtual Boy did. <Can spew random facts v Coul...
Wordgirl is probably my favorite kids show I've seen. It's on pbs. Amazing vocabulary and superpower...
I’m lonely too, if it helps. Really lonely. I left Florida months ago and three people total out...

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