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Should I do another "Human Upgrades" poll this week or wait until next week?
19 minutes ago
Proverbs 27:14
22 minutes ago
It happened again. I need to talk about it. NSFW 18+ only please...
1 hour ago
How are you?
1 hour ago
How is everyone? I hope you are well. If you aren't, why not?
1 hour ago
Those baby trump balloons protestors had at the jersey shore today were pretty hilarious.
1.4 hours ago
Am I human?
1.6 hours ago
Ben 10 rule 63 mega futa
1.8 hours ago
When mom hears a loud noise in the other room....
3.3 hours ago
Does your penis stray to the right or the left?
3.3 hours ago

Recent Forum Posts

Someone who is attracted to all genders, regardless of identity, but only sexually attracted to them...
I attempt to claim This One Person . Jaxxie is also taken. Don’t take any mods. Not worth your t...
The human body is only 30% water, the other 40 or so percent come from experimental error.
Oh dear lord. Landscape mode needs a lot of work. Like, a lot. Proportions for things like the text...
New Zealand 50 Switzerland 52 Scotland 174 Ireland 44 USA 48 Iceland 52 Fiji 24 India 48 Greece 32 J...
I’ve seen an ugly sky before when I was living in the town I went to undergrad in. Imagine looking...
Purple dinosaur Bug-stain-on-windshield brown
Out comes a diversion. In goes diversification.
S: "...what do you want from the canteen?"
C99: "Yuri it is. Lets go."
Ouch, pronunciation. I guess I don't miss til.i.die, since I talk to him everyday, but I liked foll...
Man, I hate it when I'll go an entire day and just not want to be around people. There are friends w...

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