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sometimes i just miss having someone to talk to
3 minutes ago
"It might look like it's relaxed, but it's actually dead."
28 minutes ago
The pandemic's got me feeling attention starved, I just want someone to fawn over me.
48 minutes ago
It was for the best that Bernie didn’t make it to be the presidential candidate, he would have lost...
1 hour ago
Prince Philip was older than Indian Independence from the British Empire. He was an active participa...
1.1 hours ago
What is the most underrated animal?
1.4 hours ago
What is it about activities that are even slightly physical that make people become complete asshole...
1.9 hours ago
At the time of me posting this question, it was 9:11 PM on April 10.
2 hours ago
My parents were never married, and separated when I was a baby. I never lived with my dad. I knew wh...
2 hours ago
Non US peeps, give me a brief rundown of your nation’s history that you know of
2.1 hours ago

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[Car] hey, peter pan, did that work? (to jack) maybe that was a bit too much? hes not responding
Bandwagon time again.
our school wont even teach piano because of that
F in the chat for our guy W_Licky RIP DMX
Nice, cool guitar! That acoustic? Do you play it?
You're right. If being straight means missing out on someone I'd be interested in, then I don't wan...
+ moderation = harmony
Duck + Impostor = Quack
Nevermind the bollocks, here's a ban.
then why did you use your socks to buy coffee?
i hate bigotry. i do, i really dislike it. i think it's one of the worst things to spend your time...
i'm gonna rant for a bit and it might get a bit hectic, but here goes
Yeah my brother had to have a mole that was turning cancerous removed from above his top lip. The sk...
Iaks xh c vnvm ksz gfei imbs. (How did you get this?)

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