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Pump it up, into me Please daddy, please daddy Pump it up, pump it up Into me
14 minutes ago
ladies what do you look for in a dick
3.4 hours ago
idk what to ask
4 hours ago
what should i get my parents for christmas? i know it's literally the middle of summer but i need to...
4 hours ago
Are there any people who are also incapable of being friends with the opposite sex? I'm a straight...
4.3 hours ago
What’s the deal with the lack of decent questions recently
4.3 hours ago
Did I break your 2CaS?
4.5 hours ago
I wonder when was the last time I watched children's cartoons and never watched them again? And the...
4.8 hours ago
I’m bad at Pathologic
5.6 hours ago
There's this idea being spread that pedophilia is a male thing. Please don't believe that. Please...
6.2 hours ago

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I found out first thing in the morning and struggled not to cry in school throughout the entire day....
Hi Your Holiness bug. How goes you?
Ryan afro, you mind you gallop otherworld and can hide. Asụsụ nzuzu.
I just found out and it’s so shocking. It happened so quick.
Is ignoring texts a feminine quality?
about 3 weeks ago i was on the swings with my 5 year old lil sis. i fell on my elbow while trying to...
Big truck on the streets, small one in the sheets.
I literally bring my work home w me until I've showered.
RIP technoblade, and
Markov's Blog 2022-07-01 13:29:19 I'd like it to have a functional bot.

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