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How can I stop constantly thinking about someone?
2 minutes ago
If you like to draw please help me with this situation. I’m drawing a guy but I want his eyes to l...
18 minutes ago
I'm so thankful to have been born into such a nice family. My parents are able to afford for us to...
39 minutes ago
One week from my Las Vegas vacation. Not the first time I've been there, having said that send me so...
1.4 hours ago
Have y'all ever listened to Billy Gilman... what a voice! (at least in 2000)
1.9 hours ago
Is it bad to take a shit on your friend's cigarettes because you want him to quit?
1.9 hours ago
Do you ever get competitive? What about? Do you think of yourself as a competitive person in gener...
2.4 hours ago
Any of you guys ever try melatonin for sleeping? What was your experience?
5 hours ago
you're at a pretty quiet concert and the guy next to you is singing along pretty loudly which usuall...
7.3 hours ago
I took a nap earlier today and now i'm wide awake at 2:30 am. Everyone I actually like is asleep......
8.7 hours ago

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+ night = scarred for life
Thanks. I have not met wailord. Describe him or send me a link.
Also, if anyone has any idea how to further game-ify this, I'm all ears :)
The gravitational field of a black hole is exactly as strong as the body that formed the black hole ...
I don't want to suggest that she's non-monogamous, or even that I think she should be. I respect th...
I've ported this to the TwoCans SDK so it's now available on the Games page as well.
My letter be A for awesome
I live in a community completely centered around farming, ranching, and mining yet my parents and I ...
That is blatantly false. I accuse NP of being simpleminded
Granted, now you'll never feel it. I wish copyright laws extended to other countries.
Get rid of hunger, quick! The ability to die but still want to kill yourself
Granted, you're only depressed if you want to be I wish I had more than just one, good, nonperverte...
oooooowwwww!!! I SCOPE-d myself

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