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does anyone have a link to the site that's has a really random url, something like asdfgjk? i know t...
55 minutes ago
Anyone use the Wire messenger? Been reading on updates to encrypted messengers and I feel sold on it...
1.1 hours ago
1.5 hours ago
Am I the only one who's always too afraid to click "Skip Forever," but still get annoyed when I see...
1.5 hours ago
is there a Tylenol for emotional pain
2.2 hours ago
Choose a color. Just what your first instinct goes with.
2.2 hours ago
when I grew up in school, we had the cliche cliques. nerds, jocks, geeks, dark people (suicidal peop...
2.8 hours ago
People are hated for being real and loved for being fake. I’ll be straight forward about it. I am...
3 hours ago
To me, creating straight pride is as ridiculous as starting a male movement called “maleism” or some...
3.4 hours ago
How much do you think a woodchuck church if a woodchuck could chuck wood? This is a profound questio...
3.9 hours ago

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*static noises*
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[Attack Up L!] S: “Well, that’s finally done and over with.”
Two account names won't save when I add them to my profile. Twitter: "geofrey_s" Reddit: "u/nuez_jr"...
I draw IMAGINATIVE CHILD Calvin runs up and makes seven transmogrifers out of the dragon and takes ...

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