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What would happen if you weren't a human?
53 minutes ago
Ok so like I hate my friend for hugging my girlfriend all the time and essentially keeping me from b...
1 hour ago
Are you ready kids?
1.4 hours ago
1.8 hours ago
Why does it seem like it's so easy for everybody else?
2 hours ago
Liberals owned, like and share, please and thanks.
2.2 hours ago
Mom jeans are attractive, prove me wrong.
2.2 hours ago
I have a hard time taking seriously people who type 'u' instead of 'you'. Does anyone else have this...
2.3 hours ago
mountain momma
2.4 hours ago
Does anyone believe that the "Cycle of Misery" will come to a head anytime soon? The "Cycle of Miser...
2.7 hours ago

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out comes a dened metal waterbottle and an adio recording. Press play. <V> <||> "*Clankety crash cr...
You should clean up this STAIN.
Granted. More time for suffering. I wish that I wasn't an idiot.
^Indeed I do my dude
Granted. Your teachers all play with you, too! I wish for a ticket to Melbourne, Australia.
You know, I find this funny by how brainless this is in comparison to how serious this was supposed ...
Was it Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix?
It's also on Hulu.

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