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Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
4.3 hours ago
People who have been alone for a long time, how does it feel? It's been almost 10 years for me and...
6.3 hours ago
7 hours ago
should i get the vaccine? im 17 btw
7.4 hours ago
i'm playing fire emblem and i realized that the characters i get "crushes" on are the ones that i al...
7.8 hours ago
it's amazing how I can tell when my friends are responding based on the typing and stuff
8.5 hours ago
when shows are so misogynistic that they accidentally become gay
8.6 hours ago
I need to sleep frfr
9.3 hours ago
What’s the real reason he needs me?
10 hours ago
I started talking to my parents about how my sister and I feel they raised us white and disconnected...
10.1 hours ago

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No that's what I'm saying. Mod-hat on, why are we discussing oppression as whether white people dese...
carlin makes a good point. there are way too many euphemisms in proportion to actual swears. i swear...
Scrap Hydro deleted a letter, so I'm adding it back in
^ and call ultra ninja'd me
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no he was banned from what sounds like an art website
Yeah, that's true Gray.

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