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What do you feel like you've learned from using this site?
1 minute ago
what are some controversial takes/opinions you have on books, movies, TV shows, or other popular med...
2 minutes ago
What are your mid term and long term goals?
2 minutes ago
Alright so I’ve had a lot of issues with my local post office (US). Recently, she’s been not giving...
15 minutes ago
"Christmas! Yay, Christmas! No one kills themselves on Christmas! Christ, I need more bourbon." -S...
42 minutes ago
Do you like crying?
1.5 hours ago
Do you put money aside in the bank or an index fund, and why?
1.6 hours ago
OK, who wants to be my next crush?
1.8 hours ago
When is the last time you laughed so hard that you were gasping for breath?
1.9 hours ago
When is the last time you cried?
1.9 hours ago

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You sure are taking your time mafia person.
Wait, that's illegal. Watching adult swim as a child?
You're a very fun and kind person, Samsung23!
I get that sometimes as well. Near the end of the dream, I realize it's a dream, and then magically,...
i love nature i love being ignorant of it, staying inside for months, only to come outside and find...
With Zooey Deschanel? That did not age terribly well. I love this show. The book not so much.
huh all the youtube videos i watched suggested a 1.5:1 but i guess it’s worth a shot next time
For a moment I thought "surprise algae" was some form of algae
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