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Saint Dave, Patron of Assholes and Financial Martyrs, returned home after three days of trucking. H...
12 minutes ago
From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step th...
46 minutes ago
3.3 hours ago
Why is nobody talking about the mouthfeel?
3.3 hours ago
Tell me your likes and dislikes.
3.6 hours ago
adkfjaskdjhfksj I pointed to a noodle my sister left on the table and was like "hey! what is this?"...
4.1 hours ago
Waddup, I'm Jared, I'm 19, and _________
4.5 hours ago
New phone, who dis?
4.5 hours ago
I saw this question, I'm stealing it I'm 14. Ask me anything.
4.6 hours ago
What do you love about yourself? ~~~
4.6 hours ago

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I don't see why not
I add a flame-retardant coat to the net for extra security.
i broke up with my ex bf about 3 months ago. I did it because i cheated on him, and i felt like he d...
wrong thread but i ban you for having a misleading icon
Out come Ted "Theodore" Logan and Bill S Preston, esq. In goes a school report.
No worries - I think it gets us out of a corner. Bambino
Moved to sandbox. Pirates are great, but ninjas do know how to strut their stuff...
There are magic items, but they are awarded during play. Depending on the world you probably will no...
Use A and B buttons. I'm currently working on getting gamepad working with the TwoCans SDK
I thought that this forum needed an anime. Post anything about clannad you can think of.
After three long and exhausting years, I finally don't have overpriced 3rd world Internet. I could w...
Yup, that's the acronym. Not mine in the sense of originality, though - it's a quote.
^Nah <Is now concerned for TC v is likely not TC

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