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Thicc or Thin?
8 minutes ago
How does it feel to be attractive?
15 minutes ago
15 minutes ago
how big is your penor?
52 minutes ago
Tell me what you want, what you really really want.
58 minutes ago
Wanna talk to me?
1.2 hours ago
Are you in love? What is their name? Tell me about him/her
1.5 hours ago
Describe your crush/significant other.
1.5 hours ago
Any good websites I should visit? and if you have never been to the website "I waste so much time"...
1.8 hours ago
Your heart is now beating manually. Please. Thanks.
1.8 hours ago

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I wasted entirely too much time on this.
Wait, I didn't even notice that...
I feel like I lucked out for whatever reason. Maybe I just avoid people who cause too much drama, an...

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