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I need help. Credit Union or a Bank? I am in the military and I am moving A TON. Also state the pros...
5 minutes ago
Can someone please talk to me? I need help.
34 minutes ago
Man, 8am class during the summer is a bummer.
39 minutes ago
It's sad that my highest aspiration in life is to not be homeless.
1.2 hours ago
the rubber bands i try to self harm with keep breaking. maybe its a sign i should stop hurting mysel...
1.5 hours ago
Know any good stoner bands? Preferably bands that aren't too wildly complicated but don't just repea...
2 hours ago
Hi forum friends! Comment with your username.
2 hours ago
Do you want to hear some electronic music?
2.1 hours ago
Is MGK actually good? The only things I know about him is he's on my TV right now performing at the...
2.5 hours ago
What is your opinion on scrapbooking?
2.5 hours ago

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I liked Nightingale Blade/Blade of Woe too much to use them.
Innocent, I came close but still got an hour and a half of sleep. Ya like jazz?
Well, the best way is to post on some threads. Or, if you're looking for more instant chat, you can ...
^Has a lighter shade of orange than my cones.

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