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20 minutes ago
attention everyone: does anyone extend an invite to a family event in a joking way? I have already m...
1.3 hours ago
What is the most amount of money you've ever held in your hands (in cash)? $5,000 USD for me.
1.4 hours ago
Send me a picture of yourself and I'll rate you on a scale from 1 to 10
2 hours ago
This is a website for the fallen and the damned. And I've never felt more at home. Now, answer my ra...
2 hours ago
Best work place comedy?
2.3 hours ago
I have chemical burns on my genitals AMA
2.4 hours ago
when I was in ninth grade I was friends with a boy named wally. I sat with him and other people duri...
2.4 hours ago
So I like two guys that are so similar that it's almost weird. About the same height and weight, nea...
2.4 hours ago
fuck. i <u>am</u> going to be tired tomorrow morning.
2.6 hours ago

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I appreciate your really specific, decimal-ed ratings, by the way. I give your song a 5 because it's...
Welcome. The proper way to make a nice cup of tea with milk is to pick your favorite black tea (I p...
2010-2019 contains most of the years that I have been alive. Most of my experiences in life have hap...
I didn't say I believed in heliocentric theory I accuse the NP of assuming that I believed in ...
I suppose now that I've posted I must contribute to this rather macabre thread. Oh well. Asphyxiati...
I attempt to claim kyrab3 . (Sorry.)
83 For both.
I love how that's your first post.

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