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The man got into a pitch-singing contest with a woman who was just as experienced and educated as he...
15 minutes ago
how much do you remember of your regular life from, say, within the past week? like, specific detail...
2.6 hours ago
this one time in middle school my best friend ranked everyone in our friend group from least to most...
3.9 hours ago
If you like a person, but took a while to realize your feelings for them and you've had chances to g...
4.9 hours ago
Hey, So Y’know how the first law of cybernetics says to keep a human part to stay human? Well what b...
4.9 hours ago
Anybody: "You're pretty!" Me: *X to doubt*
4.9 hours ago
Need a few things from the grocery. I do things alone now, mostily
5.7 hours ago
6.1 hours ago
I gotta poo so bad but I'm in my sister's dorm room and too scared
8.3 hours ago
That guy who don’t use condoms gonna be a daddy lol
8.8 hours ago

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Then it better become a damn popular internet meme
I agree it was lame. I'm not too into the world cup but UK-US discourse is fun. also just disappoi...
yea choan needs to play that
I would love to gain 30 pounds and bulk up a little
im here every night at 6 for more
banned bc yes
Oh, I didn't know that. This one is for talking about the general making of stories and concepts for...
granted but you have killed everyone you loved i wish runaway runaway by mars argo would be on spot...
After 17 years of living, I finally rode from one point to another on an Amtrak. OKC to Fort Worth. ...
Enough to fall apart at the SEAMS.

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