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What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?
3 minutes ago
Do you like waffles?
6 minutes ago
Are trap's gay?
39 minutes ago
Do bears really exist?
42 minutes ago
So I've dug myself into a nice deep pit of procrastination and putting things off. Now I'm overwhelm...
43 minutes ago
what is the abbreviation for the word abbreviation
49 minutes ago
Say a Boondocks joke.
53 minutes ago
Okay here's my story. Be me. About 8yrs old. Shitty bitter parents always trying to find me doing s...
1 hour ago
Ze Warudo
1 hour ago
Opinions on the new Jungle Fury update for TF2 so far?
1.1 hours ago

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The browser version on mobile devices is a waste of time tho

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