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what are some tips/tricks/etc. you find help keep you motivated? examples on things i wanna stay mot...
26 minutes ago
What to do when bored at college? Don't feel great about just sitting around all day. I eat plenty...
32 minutes ago
Feels like a Sunday for some reason.
52 minutes ago
What games are you currently playing? I'm replaying Dark Souls 3 again. But I'll consider any recom...
54 minutes ago
I found this digging through my fossilized tumblr today, hope you enjoy. youtube.com/watch?v=Uf9-M8n...
1.9 hours ago
2.4 hours ago
Oh crap, now what am I gonna do?
2.5 hours ago
so i'm making my own homebrewed beer if you know what i mean
3.3 hours ago
area 51 raid. thoughts?
3.5 hours ago
tell me a secret
4.4 hours ago

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Nah, dude. That's chalk Stock is what you call a group of birds
*Spit take* Whaaaaaatttt?! When did that get announced?!
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Granted, you get paid more and have less hours than your current job. I wish that transitioning to ...
Granted, but now you have a lack of oxygen. I wish that becoming an adult was an easier transition.
The trouble (as I understand it) with MMS with drug policy at least is that law enforcement is espec...
Well, partly. If you click away from Answer and then go back, you should be on the last question you...
[Yet a risk is] attached With this unholy pact If forsaken I'll come from the shadows Let your madne...
Make sure to do your research before going out and eating things! I'd like to think I'm a reliable ...
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