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Should you be sleeping right now?
2 seconds ago
What’s the best thing that happened to you today?
19 seconds ago
Favorite & least favorite book you had to read for a class?
36 seconds ago
If you're in college, what's your major?
12 minutes ago
People who bite their ice cream are Alphas. Gimme more examples of Alpha behavior.
27 minutes ago
Anyone else rediscover this site every few years and get adsictwd to it for at least a month?
33 minutes ago
I don't want it anymore. I don't want the degree, the money, to make a difference in the world...I j...
35 minutes ago
Ask me some questions?
41 minutes ago
What do you think the most feminine and most.masculine names are? Not your favorite names, but most...
1 hour ago
Welcome back to me screaming AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA-
1.6 hours ago

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I sent you a PM. If that's okay
^KK Slider remixes? <Is now wanting to be in possession of a copy of Snake Eater v has a ps2
You can have it!
Well that might SPARK a bit of controversy.
Out comes a cache floe crysis. In goes a geodesic.
Water is my favorite solvent
Welcome, nice avatar.
Does "these" have a plural? Who stole my biscuit?
Yes, otherwise the day/month would be different.
Granted, you get assaulted and there are scratches all over you. I wish I died.

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