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I feel very alone... I have friends I guess... Not anybody I hang out with really, but people I lik...
7 minutes ago
Is Billie Eilish a talented artist?
36 minutes ago
Do you still have any sympathies for absurd political beliefs that you toyed around with when you we...
1 hour ago
How do you determine when someone does indeed like you? Thanks one lady hinted at it once by directl...
1.1 hours ago
Guys, please no Endgame spoilers?
1.4 hours ago
Me at 2am: I do not want to sleeep??? Me at 8am: I do not want to wake up????? Please share if you...
1.5 hours ago
Give me three happy things you look forward to, or three comfy memories.
1.7 hours ago
What's more important when considering what to do with my life: my mindset (if the way I think is su...
1.8 hours ago
bears, beets, ___________________
1.9 hours ago
My two best friends are across the country. One has schizophrenia. We'll call him Nick. Then there's...
2.2 hours ago

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I never see nobody quite like you And if you ever change your tune Oh, the world's got the best of y...
Kami braces himself for an attack and snarls.
Granted. You are arrested and imprisoned for copyright infringement. I wish for comfort this summe...
You're not gonna have much luck getting answers from 3+ year-old threads.
Krosis2706 That's it.
banned for internet lingo
My use patters go: dick around on q/a, answer messages (I’ve got a lot of messages, mostly anonymo...
RootkitsTM. So easy, a crackhead could do it.
In response to-eliminating the selective service- Our military is an all volunteer force. Has been s...
Beware of the duck.
400 + 120 + 9 =529. Not instant, but not too hard. I accuse the NP of giving up too easily.

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