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Would you be put off dating someone if you knew they'd been engaged before?
1 minute ago
Is it wrong of me to not be sure if I can be with my wife after she cheated on me almost a year late...
10 minutes ago
What should I cook for dinner this week?
26 minutes ago
What one basic food (not a meal or a dish) could you not live without?
2 hours ago
Sans Serif I knew it was over long before it was actually over. It's like they tell you when you're...
2.3 hours ago
Ah! I just got home from seeing my favorite band live! What good stuff has happened for you lately?
3.6 hours ago
I wonder how we could go about quantifying the two people that have lived the absolute best life and...
3.7 hours ago
"Deep down, men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."
4.8 hours ago
Any fellow beginning artists here?
5.8 hours ago
Dating is actually really dumb and really hard and me being kinda okay looking and employed and not...
6 hours ago

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