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Seriously, this isn’t a bitch and whine board.
32 minutes ago
For reasons I cannot begin to understand, my roommates never turn the bathroom fan off. Ever. They'l...
1.4 hours ago
What's your favorite SpongeBob episode?
2.1 hours ago
Why is everything good bad for you?
2.2 hours ago
you know maybe the world isnt as bad as you say
4.1 hours ago
This is the longest I’ve been single (3 months) any advice??
4.8 hours ago
What are your thoughts on incels?
4.8 hours ago
Does anyone else go through phases where they hate texting? Friends hate me for this but I’m trying...
4.9 hours ago
French toast, pancakes or waffles?
5 hours ago
What’s your name? Do you like your name? If you could change it, what would you change it to?
5 hours ago

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Granted, if you ever lose your keys they return to your pocket, sort of like riptide I wish that I ...
"I don't carry any path markers, usually my nose guides me well enough, but the underground has thro...
Dibs on Bangirasu
^Nah, fam, just a freshman, about to become a sophomore <Without finals, is on the verge of failing ...
The duck is dead, long live the duck.
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Uno reverse card
I would say they are priceless, worth much more than Jupiter's THEBE.
You should probably study now. How do you segue into a smooth conclusion during conversation?

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