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Anyone on here a fan of Locke and Key (TV series, not the comics)?
58 minutes ago
I need things to draw. What should I draw?
2.3 hours ago
give me a word and i'll give you the very first song that pops into my head when i read it
3.6 hours ago
When you picture things in a kind of generic setting, how often do you picture places from your life...
6.8 hours ago
My natural high is sad music and a good window. That is, when I listen to sad music and stare out a...
8 hours ago
For those of you in HS, how did forecasting go? What classes did you pick?
8.4 hours ago
340 calories isn't bad. I mean, considering the current state of the universe, it could be much wors...
9.5 hours ago
You guys think Katy Perry is a top or a bottom?
9.5 hours ago
So I bought a copy of System of a Down's "Toxicity". I like it. Serj Tankian is a great singer, and...
9.8 hours ago
How does one find a sober, academic sorority? *do they even exist? I'm currently narrowing down coll...
10 hours ago

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Granted, they are now know as white holes. They expel everything proportionally to how much mass is...
Never have I ever flown on a plane.
0110 1110 I like that I can copy my previous post and not need to change the first digit
The UK is similar. Most people rely on the NHS, but there is a strong private healthcare sector.
Is that the Urban definition?
And the thread in which we find ourselves is about the Democratic primaries, in which context Sander...
You can slow down that second indefinitely, allowing you to slow down time for as long as you want. ...
Granted. You accidentally kill your Grandfather, which means you dont exist. I wish the grandfather...
Should I WRITE us a collective sick note?
Overview: Time: 24.972 days.
New Zealand 50 Switzerland 50 Scotland 230 Ireland 20 USA 48 Iceland 50 Fiji 34 India 50 Japan 70 Va...
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