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What is the deal with honey milk?? Everyone keeps talking about it!
10 minutes ago
When life gives you honey milk, __________.
41 minutes ago
49 minutes ago
ohwoh oowoo
1 hour ago
“Botter! Botter, are you here?!” hollered R.K. Elman, self-proclaimed professor of biology, astrolog...
1.1 hours ago
“Oh, bloody hell!” Elman screamed. Botter rushed to his boss’s side. “What’s wrong, sir?” “I made a...
1.1 hours ago
What would you do if you had your basic needs covered (food, shelter, hygiene, necessary clothing, e...
1.1 hours ago
“Sir, are you up there?” called Jonathan Botter, staring anxiously up into the tree. “I am, lad," ca...
1.1 hours ago
what would a store owned by the Pope sell? I already have crucifixes, holy water, and communion waf...
1.2 hours ago
Getting tired at the end of a hike? Try mixing 3 parts honey-milk with 2 parts blue Gatorade. Prob...
1.5 hours ago

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I'm talking about the hole itself, not the area surrounding it. I also found this.
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What do you mean by that?
oh god! no! *vomits a bit inside my mouth at the thought*
uh did you just condone the creation of the Netflix interactive Puss in Boots movie/game?
KonekoKitten catapulted through his purple window, and loved Pikachu, her ridiculous electrician, vi...

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