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Does anyone know any low budget, dumb movies my grandma might like since she thinks my favorite awar...
4 minutes ago
....and just think if, during the lock-down/quarantine, we had no electricity.
25 minutes ago
ok flirt with me or some crap
29 minutes ago
Guys, which do you prefer to wear?
38 minutes ago
<Smacks Whiteboard> LAUGH!
49 minutes ago
1.4 hours ago
Has the quarantine made you buy excessive amounts of anything dumb? I think I'm hoarding coloring b...
1.8 hours ago
I did some testing on myself to see how I sleep. Sect. 1 You can change your sleep schedule prett...
1.8 hours ago
What's your sleeping pattern?
2.1 hours ago
I really hate it when people use the word "assertive" to describe someone who is definitely just an...
2.2 hours ago

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<The chest has one slot remaining> Collapsible Tent x 1 Collapsible Tent x 1 Bedding x 1 (2 Slots)...
I wouldn't take that for granted. Coming back to the title question, that sort of smug assumptio...
Take your duck ... BEEP
Well then, I guess I lost the game.
That feeling of accomplishment when you finally pull of a glitch is enough to keep me happy.
Is she hittin a bong? Looks really stoned.
I’ve got that message notification with no message again. Any way you can pop that message into...
Granted, anything else creative you do bursts into flames. I wish people would watch my streams so ...
We are well all things considered. How about you?

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