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You wake up and find your right hand covered in blood. It's still wet, and you can't tell if it's yo...
24 minutes ago
Why is high school so hard???
42 minutes ago
Tips for remembering old passwords? All of my passwords were the same except for this one and it mak...
48 minutes ago
hey ik you all probably dont care lmao but i need someone to rant to
1.3 hours ago
Favorite comfort meal?
1.7 hours ago
I had a conversation with a kid who vapes and I asked him “Why not just smoke it’s just as bad for y...
2.6 hours ago
I have an interview with a laboratory for a lab analyst position in their microbiology department. I...
3 hours ago
Favorite 1-digit number?
3.2 hours ago
Favorite 3-digit number?
3.2 hours ago
breastfeed your damn kids
3.7 hours ago

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I'm listening to Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg collab songs and its got me like I'm.
I really hope it aged well, OOT and MM are so good in my memories MM is still my favorite LoZ game. ...
^yep, 7th grade choir >Wasn't that good at it v Has at least attempted band
Yes that's the one. Thank you! Yeah you're right it does look like a shell, I didn't notice that
Yea Trump came from somewhere deep in America's collective mentality, he is not the cause of many of...
howzabout we do it by being like green (green)
I've picked up cross stitch as my quarantine hobby, here are a few things I've made. Get well soon...
Tastes bad; we're not from around here.
Yes, that. But I only use about half the packet because that stuff is at least 240% salt.
Lay your weary head to reeest, Don't you cryDon't you cryDon't you cry no moooore

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