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Rectum! Damn near killed 'em!
12 minutes ago
Give me your can and your string. I'm going to use them as shoes.
12 minutes ago
I forgot about this site. The last time I logged in was about 2009. What's good?
13 minutes ago
What's the last thing you made?
1 hour ago
How many of you guys didn’t find this website from asdfjkl; and how did you find it?
1.2 hours ago
Tell me your best joke
3 hours ago
How are you doing?
3 hours ago
What's the best thing to ever happen to you?
3 hours ago
Should I jerk off tonight or in the morning?
4.8 hours ago
About how many hours do you spend on YouTube on a daily basis?
6.1 hours ago

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^ I try to be. < Not quite a vegetarian. v Indulges in meat products, now and then. Think it's pleas...
Indeedy. All roads lead to Duck.
Now I really want some pie. Maybe pumpkin pie, or pecan. v.v
I don't remember the subject matter, but I think I watched one of their videos a long time ago. I ju...
Thanks for the advice! How do I stop getting older? Do I just call in to cancel my subscription?
No. But if you want to imagine it that way, rock on.
If yall want to look at it, here is the document where I was messing around. https://drive.google.c...
Banned for being correct
I don't think I've ever participated in this. Though this has been a thing since before I joined in ...

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