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What do you think of this game? One Hour One Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT4JktcVQuE
53 minutes ago
what comes to mind when you think about oregon
2.9 hours ago
yall know gamegrumps
2.9 hours ago
Politics am i right
3 hours ago
A while ago I asked "how can I imply to someone that I like them without being direct?" Despite what...
5 hours ago
How do I play the Space Squirrel game?
5.8 hours ago
Anyone know where I can get a Hurdy gurdy.
6.2 hours ago
Are you in shape? If not, why not?
6.2 hours ago
What is your opinion on the conflict between Israel and Palestine?
6.5 hours ago
I want to start coding but don't know where to start. Any tips?
6.6 hours ago

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Soroban. It's not really a game yet, but it works if you want to practice using a soroban. Here are ...
The road to hell is paved with ducks
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I'll send you a reminder when I go to lunch tomorrow.
I don't even know how to leave people on read. Sorry, wrong person I accuse NP of complaining abo...
cxjほptyさmのp_)cjhotasmno my trumpet is my baby With an extension cord
Bass Clarinets are not horns. Horns are brass instruments. Have some woodwind pride!
Alcohol, drugs, and gambling should all be regulated much differently than they currently are. I hav...

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