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are you buff
52 minutes ago
I could dream a lifetime with her every night and it still could not compare to how it feels with ju...
2.1 hours ago
what's the worse thing you've been accused of? My sister recently got accused of "having a razor in...
2.9 hours ago
How would you feel if your SO's friends or family called you by your SO's ex's name?
3 hours ago
Do I ask her out?
3 hours ago
Please write a story here. I have nothing to do and all the time to read.
3.5 hours ago
Bigotry is inherently an act of violence and time and time again this time proves true. 4chan spawne...
3.6 hours ago
I gently close the door behind me.
3.7 hours ago
How many ways are there to peel an orange?
3.7 hours ago
The school shooter was an 18 year old. The buffalo shooter was 18. Now I’m no expert, but among othe...
4 hours ago

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155/155 That is indeed awesome. I do like the idea of constraining a 3-way problem into 2 dimensio...
That's so anty of you to be a different gender than anty.
I'm typing this out for a school thing. Don't worry, it's for Art, not English. "After becoming a U...
The day ends with no lynching, which seems reasonable given that nobody has died. What a pleasant da...
Not Deep throating but I enjoy running a popsicle at the base of my tongue in the very back of my ...
Managed to figure out enough about VMs to run some of my old Win98 CDs. Haven't been able to do tha...
"dylan's got monkeypox because hes a monkey" dylan's asian btw
^ was annoyed by the child (I'm guessing?) < has a maths and spanish test, and I will fail both v ha...
no, but that's cool. and funny considering you didnt know who he was
I log on every day and see nothing. I take a 3-day break and when I come back this thread is full? W...
You cant, it was released
Another important question: Do any of you still play it?

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