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I really want an online sugar baby who is blonde and skinny and fun :o
17 minutes ago
What are your opinions on trans humanism?
2.4 hours ago
Hi. I'm a total loser. But I'm trying.
2.7 hours ago
When something is up with my friend they don't like it when you say "what's wrong" because it makes...
4.6 hours ago
I've been a librarian for 13 years. AMA.
4.8 hours ago
Whats the meaning to life, the universe and everything?
5.9 hours ago
what is your gender and age?
5.9 hours ago
Any Netflix or Hulu recommendations? I have the one month trial for both
6.8 hours ago
Manager 1 - This is good. Manager 2 - This looks great. Manager 3 - I'm fine with this. Techie 1 -...
6.9 hours ago
Hello I’m a loser NEET with depression who comments with “mood” on everything slightly sad. AMA
7.6 hours ago

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New Zealand 52 Canada 52 Switzerland 44 Scotland 200 Ireland 42 Monaco 34 Iceland 16 Fiji 144 India ...
Out comes a dead lion. In goes a soulless remake of a film.
[Oh the darkness got a hold on] me I have seen what the darkness does Say goodbye to who I was I ai...
Alright, I swear I wasn’t sad or depressed or anything when I wrote this one. Someone told me it s...
I BEAT UPDATED LEVEL 3. I've never felt a greater sense of pride and accomplishment.
Are you hoping to start a CRAZE?
I seem to have inadvertently stumbled upon another digit. 10009 now - prime time.
iirc, no one was able to even count one o’harean second. Like I would reload the page and somethin...
Amazing if you need to digitize ancient Latin texts! The ability to only write the exact opposite o...
7.5/10. I can see what you mean by a great producer. Some of those sounds are just like ear candy, s...

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