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11 minutes ago
Guys, do you want to play Among Us?
16 minutes ago
"Cannot be opened from this side."
17 minutes ago
How do you guys even do different shading and detail in your profile pictures? I'm at awe :O
18 minutes ago
What's the most useful coding language to learn if I want to make focused career out of it rather th...
26 minutes ago
"Living with Yourself", is a good lil' Netflix original with Paul Rudd to watch.
32 minutes ago
"Chinese plague" is racist, but "UK variant" is fine?
43 minutes ago
Is the Queen's Gambit good?
44 minutes ago
at space mountain in disney world I'm always too scared to put my hands up because it always feels l...
1 hour ago
LPT: If you have leftover pasta with red sauce in your fridge, heat it up with a few slices of mozza...
1.1 hours ago

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Will be using this somewhere ... stay posted for updates Edit: thought I was discovering this thre...
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"I feel like the injection came after the bludgeoning. If you injected poison into someone's veins f...
^ has hands
Banned because someone else peeled it for me.
This is basically thread here. Unhealthy addictions aren't a badge of honour and they aren't cool....
I started my morning off super strong and getting things done, but now I'm struggling so hard to foc...
Oh man, I haven't had grapefruit juice in forever. Back in my college days, every time I went to the...
While running away from it, you meet little timmy again. He tells you he has a place to hide. You fo...

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