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You're not scared of the dark; you're scared of what's in it. You're not afraid of heights; you're...
11 minutes ago
Which is more honorable: Being unafraid of dying or fearing death and admitting it?
38 minutes ago
The doodly doo??
1 hour ago
Are you into BDSM? What about it do you like? What's your most adventurous desire or fantasy related...
1.2 hours ago
I do not want to watch that, stop being rude brain.
1.2 hours ago
When do I cross the line of obsessing over a fictional character too much?
1.3 hours ago
Anyone else in marching band?
1.3 hours ago
Have you ever dranked(drinked?) cold water so fast that you had some kind of brain freeze?
1.4 hours ago
Anyone want to play Stardew Valley multiplayer with me?
1.6 hours ago
1.7 hours ago

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You eat some apples near oranges
I've been getting back into pixel art quite a bit again lately. Tree still needs a lot more polish, ...
I ended up calling her out; I'm tired of feeling like a doormat. I told her I think she spends too ...
They are heavy and you fall down. I wish for a pebble.
Granted, and you're immune to silver. I wish for a can of tuna.
So the ruling defines public forums as "owned or controlled by the government". Traditionally this r...
Ah, that makes sense! Well, it doesn't, but I mean I understand it now. I thought it meant same-se...
Free markers if you like that type. The ability to instantly make all your hopes and dreams never p...
wrong i accuse np of using punctuation marks and capital letters
My new letter is "Traitor I trusted you because our names were alliterative" If that is too long I'l...
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