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Andromedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa where aaaaaaaaaaare you
1 minute ago
remember when flash games were popular?
3 minutes ago
How often do you shower?
6 minutes ago
I completely disagree with everything established in the geneva conventions, and I'm gonna violate i...
7 minutes ago
im always put of tune
8 minutes ago
Women, does your vagina sometimes make dumb choices for you like men's penis sometimes does?
41 minutes ago
give me a word and i’ll reply with a character/person that i think would be the living embodiment of...
44 minutes ago
88+22 isn't 100, by the way.
45 minutes ago
One slightly annoying thing about youtube is how I'll watch one or two videos on a topic and then th...
1.1 hours ago
Hi, I have been wanting to get into witchcraft... does anyone have any tips?
1.2 hours ago

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New Zealand 80 Switzerland 64 Scotland 304 Iceland 66 India 6 Japan 70 Vatican City 114 Zimbabwe 52 ...
Banned because i am confused now
Is it just me, or do you just absolutely hate people who are like, "IT WAS GREEN I WAS TALKING TO MY...
^Feels nostalgic of waking up and playing mario kart wii <Thinking about why they are on this site v...
Brendan, dementedkermit, e-bag, OverChikin
Ah, thanks for vouching.
Me over here thinking it’d be great if quizlet was still useful, if I got bullshit assignments jus...

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