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People are like 'country music sucks' and have never heard a country song
1 minute ago
So! I was walking around with ny computer during class today. And I unmuted to ask a question. Got h...
6 minutes ago
If a picture is worth a thousand words, approximately how much is a video worth?
10 minutes ago
things you relate to a little too hard... "coronavirus is making me gay bruh"
20 minutes ago
What songs (with lyrics) do you know every word of?
23 minutes ago
Did Microsoft ever make older versions of Windows open source? I mean, they're not selling them and...
35 minutes ago
What is your greatest achievement in life?
49 minutes ago
idea: machine gun that shoots air
1.6 hours ago
What in the flying fuck is that?
1.9 hours ago
A man who fears being seen as feminine is a man who fears being treated the same way he treats women...
2.4 hours ago

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Granted, your lack of specificity makes you get tired of a game immediately after you play it for an...
Yea, I'll take the chance. I'm pretty much desensitized at this point.
72 bottles of beer on the wall, 72 bottles of beer, you take one down, pass it around, 71 bottles of...
banned because your not my mom.
alfanewmerik, AndromedaFallen, Wyyca21
i'm burnnning through the skyyyyy, yea
I claim the soul of iprefertoremainanonymous.
Played around with the new editor a bit. It's definitely a lot more functional than the old one. If ...

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