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If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?
1.6 hours ago
Boxers, or briefs?
3 hours ago
What is it with people complaining about "what is it with people"?
3.8 hours ago
Wish that I could unanonymize some of my old questions
3.8 hours ago
I just realized Blake in his 7x7 rubik's cube video looks really oddly familiar. https://youtu.be/d...
6.3 hours ago
Ever get a sinking feeling like your soul is recessing deep down making you feel small in a hollow e...
7.5 hours ago
Seriously though.
7.6 hours ago
Blake is short for Blacob
8.3 hours ago
12:00 good day again again again again
8.7 hours ago
favorite poisonous plant? sorry, just wanna see how this works.
8.8 hours ago

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Out comes a letter in German. Ein Brief. In goes a letter in Italian.
Since you're in the updating business, can you help the links in the questions turn blue and actuall...
Banned for failing to sequite.
^ Incorrect < Has never seen Doctor Who, but enjoyed the Doctor Strange movie v Has seen Endgame
6.5/10 It sounds like something I might encounter in osu! with it's high energy and its obvious Japa...
Remember to cross your 't's and dot your ducks.
Thanks, man. That’s more or less what I meant. See non-native plants aren’t entirely bad, it’s...

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