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Would you consider it a compliment if I pointed out someone on the street and said 'they look like y...
19 minutes ago
If applicable: Why did you vote for Trump?
36 minutes ago
Help. I'm almost out of t--
43 minutes ago
I may do this from time to time. So, I asked for an anime that doesn't suck. I randomly found three...
55 minutes ago
Why does my friend think my cheesy garlic bread is disgusting?
58 minutes ago
Ctrl v please I am curious to see what is copied on your computer.
1.8 hours ago
How do you people see something so ridiculous and stupid and assume that it's true?
2.6 hours ago
Am I emo enough for your hooker shoes?
3.1 hours ago
What is the last thing you copied? Ctrl V in the text box to see. Mine is I have a cute idea. Like...
5 hours ago
I asked a question on what word held more meaning. Kind or nice. I was surprised when all of the res...
5.1 hours ago

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fair enough. I'll just call it maroon dot now.
rtrg9 0uerau9 0jtrgs0ear ew2d#1d354t5676juk bv9p0n8bknjzcxfzcx Patting keybord is fun
Ah yes, asking why and where from you put words in my mouth came from the deepest emotional banks o...

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