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how the fuck am i supposed to get confidence to try and ask someone to be my gf i want to but i just...
12 minutes ago
autistic users of TCAS, with all other things being equal, do you prefer spending time with autistic...
12 minutes ago
I really love the female voice. Especially accents.
19 minutes ago
queer folks in education—has your identity impacted your career? how?
58 minutes ago
pls just KILL me already
1.1 hours ago
my name is thunder, my name is lightning my name is something very frightening
1.2 hours ago
me want cookies. where are my cookies, alex?
1.3 hours ago
Do you like Mark Zuckerberg?
1.3 hours ago
1.8 hours ago
i'm bored. pls entertain me
1.9 hours ago

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It's for post cleanliness and just being nice to other people on the site. For forum games where dou...
still kinda pissed that i wa denied from going into the navy
well it's over a year old
i hope so too
if you kill someone, they're dead edit: em, you necroposted :skull:
what's going on here?
ack, why do you want negative points?
No, they won't
banned for returning to the land of drama

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