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The tranny in my pickup went out, should I take it to the repair shop or get a new vehicle?
24 minutes ago
Any Aviation enthusiasts here?
42 minutes ago
Tell me if these names are masculine or feminine 1. Riley 2. Kennedy 3. Ryan 4. Jackie 5. Max 6. Cas...
43 minutes ago
When the spiders attack hide in the library or they will crawl in your ears.
53 minutes ago
Squidward Tortellini?!
56 minutes ago
9/11 inside job?
56 minutes ago
Why do I always get my ass blasted on this website?
57 minutes ago
Do you hate other countries getting involved in conflicts that aren't theirs? kinda like NATO
58 minutes ago
What do you do to cheer yourself up?
1 hour ago
Who has made a large impact on your life?
1 hour ago

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Granted, you flunk out of college. I wish for funk.
I don't think that's a sign of good experiences to come.
XD the edit the quote game is outta control, man
Out comes OneyPlays to make some more spicy simpin jokes. In goes Joolian.
Banned for being defensive of a plain icon.
I can't STAND to be dissed like this.
nah I like it its cool I remember my original shitty pic it was a weird optical illusion that I tri...
The humour isn't too heavy and it's got lots more Sci-Fi/cool plots than I expected. Edit: Yea Rott...
Did you just double post?
I love playing with sock puppets. Do you love playing with sock puppets, kitten?
Then continue them. Just saying "REVIVE" is (or at least looks like) just reviving them for the sak...
Make eggs in a nest because eggs in a nest is delicious. When life gives you a natural affinity for...
You now have no need to upkeep your nose hairs. The power to not need to breath ever

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