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What's the newest song that you like?
5 minutes ago
paste thou what is copied
11 minutes ago
12 minutes ago
Ceaseless potential/ Endless possibilities/ Regardless, jobless.
19 minutes ago
https://www.facebook.com/unwantedfuzz/ If you like ferrets, would you be interested in donating to t...
29 minutes ago
Anyone in this box of ours into the furry fandom? I'm not very fond of being the only one.
51 minutes ago
Has anyone else watched Lucha Underground? I would highly suggest it.
59 minutes ago
Want a friend to talk to? Message me. We can talk anonymously or without that atmosphere, AKA Discor...
1.2 hours ago
I'm out of the loop, who is this "Please. Thanks." guy?
1.3 hours ago
Since you like insults, do it creatively. Give me one in haiku form. Please. Thanks.
1.8 hours ago

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