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Things you despise, go.
15 minutes ago
You ever trip and then forget that you can catch yourself?
16 minutes ago
Whats your favorite ice cream flavor? ~~~
1 hour ago
Apple, Coke Bottle, Pear, or other?
1.4 hours ago
What’s heavier: a pound of steel or a pound of feathers?
1.7 hours ago
This statement is false. Ignore these four words.
1.7 hours ago
Hit paste
1.7 hours ago
Just because someone has it worse than you does, in fact, diminish the significance of your own prob...
1.9 hours ago
Do you text in complete sentences or shorthand things?
2 hours ago
How old are your sins?
2.3 hours ago

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weakened at bernie's
No, sorry, they are Khakis. How much will tickets to Disneyland cost in ten years?
dam it I wanted 666 667
How did Imperial Japan borrow from Chinese civilization politically
Yea. She's a little shy of society.
I jump up, and put you into the goal, I get 13 prongs and a crown.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYAYFgmOWAI My favorite video about P.U.

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