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Tell me about the coolest/weirdest thing you have in your possession.
7 minutes ago
Tips for an aspiring artist?
9 minutes ago
Anything unique about you?
18 minutes ago
Do you know of anybody who says "youses" or "yinz?" or is that just something in my region. Ex. Yin...
1.3 hours ago
I got a suit and a credit card over the weekend. I'm a grownup!
2 hours ago
If you understand six degrees of human timing, you understand God.
2.1 hours ago
Have you ever been the other woman?
2.4 hours ago
Being in high school as a very intellectual person is so frustrating and I feel like I'm surrounded...
2.4 hours ago
Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being!
2.5 hours ago
Thoughts on morality Definitions: Morality: principles concerning the distinction between right an...
2.9 hours ago

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Except I wasn't laughing
shouldn't this thread just be called news?
There are, in fact, 3 genders, ones just extremely rare
I'm pleasantly surprised this works pretty well on mobile
+humans=more zombies
Out comes electro from spiderman in goes blake
granted, but dormammu is starting to get tired of these paradoxes i wish i had a sheep named mar...
Banned for not knowing he is the End.
blackmail the power to spawn a mattress, but only public places

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