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Eric-616 said:
I'm trying to compile the sample project and I'm getting an error "File must be a CBX file." I didn't modify anything with the build file except adding the directory of the SDK.

Is this a dumb error? Have I embarrassed myself?

I am also getting this error. I ran (in the folder containing the file)
and I get the same error.
This has been a little quiet lately, but I'll be jumping back into this now and releasing a few more of my old projects soon.

In the mean time, if you're interested in jumping into this as well, I've created a Slack channel for TwoCans game dev.
I like the games! (Not that I'll be making one anytime soon, I'm a computer idiot.)
Also in the Sandwich game, after you exit the directions level into the next level, how do you get past the mayo? It won't let me jump on it. And I'd like if the games you played would be saved even if you closed the tab, thanks
Blake said:
Seth5232 said:
You cannot get up to the third platform in level 2 in the game.
Flies are delicious.
Has anyone found a fix to the "File must be a CBX file" error? I've returned for winter break and wanted to make a game on my desktop but it's still giving me the error, despite my reinstalling everything with the newest versions.
I think it was fixed but wasn't uploaded in the latest version. The workaround is to make sure your project isn't in a directory that has spaces in it. e.g. "C:\My Stuff\TcasGame" would not work but "C:\OtherDirectory\TcasGame" would.
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