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This is now released. There are a few known issues.
  • Blocking anonymous users from chat threads is not currently implemented.
  • You cannot see which of your existing posts are public from Ask page
  • Make the checkbox to ask publicly un-check itself after asking
  • Make the button change color to red when the checkbox is checked and update the text to be very clear you are posting publicly.
  • Merge the recent posts and questions into the main feed
  • You'll be able to pin a couple of public questions to the top of your profile that can be answered anytime when people view your profile


I'll be adding a feed page to replace the current landing page (where it currently shows some recent questions and forum threads). When viewing someone's profile, you can choose to follow that account. In the feed you'll see:

  • Questions they've signed publicly (which will be an option soon)
  • New forum threads they've created
  • New avatars they've drawn (optional, there'll be a specific button to push).

The feed will be purely chronological for the time being.

You will be able to see the accounts that follow you. You can silently block followers so that your content will not appear in their feed, if you so choose.

"But Blake, this seems like overkill for the type of content that is currently on TwoCans"

This is an understatement. However I have several things on the drawing board at the moment that could benefit from having a feed feature, so it seems like an unavoidable eventuality. That said, I'm finding the mobile version requiring a rewrite of most of the site's current features, and if all features plug into the feed somehow, it's probably best if I get this out of the way ASAP, even if the feed is underutilized.
Suggest making blocking (they can't see me) and muting (I can't see them) separable actions.
Mute would just be unfollowing for now. Blocking is only for preventing people from being notified by your content.
Blocking would be interesting to prevent seeing another User's questions in the Q&A. Anonymous blocking, so to say.
Possible exploit of that suggestion to de-anonymize people: (1) Read through all active questions (by spamming skip). (2) Block exactly one person. (3) Repeat step 1. (4) See if any questions disappeared between steps 1 and 3. If you do this fast enough (by automating it), you could pretty reliably figure out someone's questions.
Oh, for some reason I read that in the other direction, where you can block a specific/inspecific user from seeing your questions (e.g. someone makes a mean reply, you can delete the answer OR you can delete-and-block). I'd like the automatic drop rate implementation to be adaptive enough that people won't really feel the need to micromanage blocking themselves from seeing content.
Blocking would be interesting to prevent seeing another User's questions in the Q&A. Anonymous blocking, so to say.

What about when everyone inevitably blocks each other?

Kinda serious about that one. If people already report things flippantly, then how much so will they do it for something they have direct control over?

This is the idea I was referring to.
Or maybe I'm just late in the head today.
Could there maybe be a function where, if you hit the Report Question button, a pop-up asks you if you are sure? Thanks to my big thumbs, I’ve already accidentally reported a few questions that I was just trying to skip....
Nope, the plan is to actually make things even more lightweight by moving towards a down vote system that is more adaptive than the current manual review process. Because it's a manual review process at the moment, don't worry about accidentally flagging things. We see a fair share of that and it's not a big deal.


This is now done. If you find bugs, go ahead and put them in this thread directly for the next few days rather than creating a new thread as there will probably be lots.
How exactly do I sign a question?
Also the issue is usually blocking someone I don't know the username of. Perhaps a blocking option in messaging?
How exactly do I sign a question?

Thanks for noticing. I accidentally omitted this in the release. It's fixed now. There's a checkbox on the Ask page.

Perhaps a blocking option in messaging?
This is currently planned but not implemented. I kind of wanted to get this out the door first.
Perhaps show less on the feed thing? That way you can still see the recent questions and forum posts
Perhaps show less on the feed thing? That way you can still see the recent questions and forum posts

Since those are sorts of feeds in themselves, I'm thinking about merging the information into the one feed, chronologically. I'll add this to the list at the top of this thread.
How difficult would it be for you to let us put the questions/recent forum posts above the feed if we so desired? I really have no interest in seeing the threads people have created. Possibly just a way to filter things out of the feed altogether? This would be especially useful if the question, forum post, and user activity feeds were combined eventually.
ps i'd still do some shady things for badges
What about clearing things from the feed? These updates are awesome.

Edit: I just noticed that in messages, letters with accents don’t show up. Blasé becomes blas.
Regarding messages, emojis have broken as well.
Since you're in the updating business, can you help the links in the questions turn blue and actually work? Even if I copy paste them they don't work untill I click them from messages.
Oh, punctuation in general isn’t showing up in messages.

Also, same^ I think people have gotten better judgement about what to and not to click and it doesn’t seem too many people just click any random link.
Wtf? This is the first I've heard about special characters in messages.
It's fixed.
I sort of wish individual forum posts (instead of just created threads) would be included on a profile page like it used to be.
I've noticed some questions even after I answer have come up twice?
Did you answer the question both times? What was the question?
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