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The Word

"The Word" change announcements/requests are made here.
Begin with the Forum stats page.

Confused about "The Word" or need help? Watch this video.
New word, please?
Word changed.
Word changed.
Time for a new word?
Word changed.
Urg. You changed the Word I just changed!
D: I didn't know you had just changed it! You can put it back if you want.
It shall be the next Word.
Why is Word in boldface?
It's to emphasize the difference between the Word and normal words.
Cool, anyway, I got it.
The Word is not to be confused with the Word, the Word, or the Word
What about the Word?
Eitakxner said:
New word, please?
That one was easy. Nice choice.
New word, please?
Word changed.
this is annoying
mmm. cookies
Hm, generally people do this by editing an old post, not by making a new post where everyone can see it.
You're doing it wrong.
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