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...go back to your post and make sure the image is the same one you posted. There was a bug with the code that double-checked to make sure the filename you are uploading didn't collide with any other user's files that have been previously uploaded. I noticed there were about half a dozen files named "me.jpg", each one overwriting the previous. If you see one of your images has been overwritten, you can edit the post and fix it if you feel inclined. The correct behavior here was to add _1 or _2 etc to the end of the filename before the extension, but it wasn't doing that. It is now.

I apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.
Or you could save a picture as weurigfiow3bnt4btibt3bu.jpg.
That ruins files that need to more or less maintain their name when the intent is to download them and the filename will be clearly visible to the user. That sort of system did cross my mind. As I said in an earlier post somewhere, I did not create image insertion for the sake of people to post images of themselves. I created it for the purposes of posting articles on NP which are often of a technical nature and sometimes involve downloading a zip. Being able to insert images into your forum posts is just a bonus side effect.
How do you even post an actual picture?
The image tag will do it, but be careful, as some pictures will break the forum's formatting and make the page look silly.
Also HTTPS image addresses don't work. Edit the URL and hope the site the picture is hosted on will still serve it that way.
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