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I made a new profile page. You can reach it by adding a "2" in the URL after the word "users".
e.g. ->
This one lets you edit your own profile inline and will completely replace the edit profile page.

Test it out and let me know if you run into any problems. Particularly with editing your profile fields.

I'll switch it over tomorrow if there are no major issues found.

Current issues:
  • contact items are not links
  • there are no forum threads (just didn't get around to it today, will add it tomorrow)
  • blurb edit box default size is small
  • mobile
  • no admin indication

Also let me know if there's any social network services you'd like me to add to the choices.
  • [ ] No admin badge.
  • [ ] Social media listing is mobile unfriendly. Perhaps make an alphabetically sorted drop down list instead of a grid?
  • [ ] Add social media link button looks weird on mobile.
  • [ ] Not a social media, but maybe a place to post links to our public keys on a key server. Because encryption is cool.

Google Pixel, Android 8.0.0, Google Chrome
"Update" text overlaps text box on mobile

EDIT: Google Pixel Android 7.1.2 on Chrome
Please mention phone type/phone version/browser for mobile bugs.
The page works and looks fine on my phone (HTC 10, Android 7, Chrome).

This is kind of a nitpick but can the name be aligned with the top of the profile pick and the change picture button be moved to under the name? I think it would be a nicer use of the space.

Can we also have a button for Christian Mingle? THank in advance.
"Profile Not Found" page is borked.
How do I add more than one of a thing?

Update link overlaps the text box on desktop, too.

Are we supposed to be using just account names for these different services, or are you going to parse that out of profile page URLs, or what?
Never mind
Edit button overlaps url.

Ubuntu 16.04 / Firefox 54.0

Wait are they not like links? They're all usernames? I think I'm doing it wrong.
Yeah, they're not links yet. I need to figure out how to do that on a per-social-network basis.
Table of services with a URL pattern column. Or for increased versatility, a column with the name of a class that knows how to construct a URL. /geekmode
  • [ ] Instead of displaying URLs (once the URL construction is done), to save space and prettify things, turn service icons into image links.
gws said:
Table of services with a URL pattern column. Or for increased versatility, a column with the name of a class that knows how to construct a URL. /geekmode

What I meant was figuring out how these work on a per-network basis. As in, what does an instagram account actually _look_ like? I honestly don't know what people would put in the blanks here right now for about 70% of these.
Fixed a couple of issues. Not everything. There are things aside from the profile page I want to get to sooner than later, and since it's not worse than the original version, I went ahead and released it even without the forum thread listing. If you want to see forum threads, you can change the URL from /users/ to /oldusers/ to see the old one.
New profile page doesn't have the 'send a message' link.

When are you going to open-source the site?
Likewise replace /users/ with /messages/compose/, but it would be a very welcome addition.
gws said:
When are you going to open-source the site?

Several things would have to happen
  • All the user-specific eastereggs would need to be removed
  • I'd have to do an audit to make sure there wasn't any residual stupidity of where I used security through obscurity
  • Any site specific quirks, features, or hacks would need to go into extensible modules of some sort. This is the most important since I am now using the same codebase for several projects now, some of which I never want to be open source.
I was thinking of (1) and "plugin" in terms of the dots.
The whole QA and its integration with the messaging system as well.
I think it'd be cool to have KeyBase links. I'm there.
Is it intentional that we cannot see recent posts?
Fwip said:
I think it'd be cool to have KeyBase links. I'm there.

Woah you live pretty close to me. I could have said hi while in Seattle.
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