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I need to fix some forum code and so the dots are going away soon.

Here are the answers:

Blue dot

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Saying the word. The word is randomly chosen by a mod and can be changed. It seems that the word right now is set to "golden".

Orange dot

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Saying exactly 40 words in your post

Green dot

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
If the first letter of any 3 consecutive words in your post are 3 consecutive letters of the alphabet in reverse order, then you get the green dot. Examples: "the silly rat", "giggling fuzzy ewoks", or my favorite "It could be anything!" (my response to how to get the green dot somewhere in the zomg thread).

Purple dot

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Saying the name of the owner of the yellow dot 2 times in a single post (not in a quote box)

Yellow dot

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
"of" is said exactly 4 times.

Red dot

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Saying your own name in a post (not in a quote box) will cause the person who posted in the thread before you to get the red dot two hours from now. During that time, it will stay on the current owner. If you are creating a thread where there is no previous post (or editing the first post of a thread), then it will apply itself to the person who has the previous user ID number that also has a post count greater than 20, with the exception of me (since my user ID# is 1) in which case the dot will go to Qwaz in 24 hours. This is based on the currently logged in user, not the owner of the post, so if you are a mod editing a post that talks about you, then these rules are invoked. Posts in the "Who's Online Right Now?" thread are not eligible for the red dot.
Blake said:
!Red dot

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over.
They almost figured out purple.
I can honestly say I was nowhere close. The two hour delay was just cruel Blake
You were right that no-one was ever likely to guess red.

On the other hand, I did propose that it was one you gave away, rather than gained.
Are the new rules in effect yet/now?
Keep the dots or change the rules! this is fun! I didn't know it was a game but I was curious about them.
I think that you should do some new dot rules, but make it so there are more that people give you, rather then you earning yourself.
AH, the dots are going away, now? Well, at least we got a few of the rules...

If only I had enough time to get yellow, I might have gotten purple. But red is interesting, and the two hour time limit probably threw all of us off, as usually the other dots changed immediately.

i apologize
I assume these aren't the case anymore?
I'm pretty sure they still are
Well, mystery solved. o:
I got the purple one for saying "it could be anything" but that's not the description for it (it's the description for the green one)
It was probably caused by something else.
Are the back now?
I don't think they were ever gone
It could be anything
Poodonkus has green just now.
Dots seem to be randomly disappearing for no reason. I had my green one yesterday and now I don't
You have it now.
Not anymore. I also used to have the yellow and orange, but they went away, too. I recently got them today by posting something that used 40 words and used "of" 4 times. I assume they'll be gone a couple of days from now though.
Blake said:
I wasn't having nearly as much fun with green as I thought I would so I changed the rules for it.

46th post in the zomg thread. What was the original rule?
It was originally randomly assigned to promote confusion but it felt too mean.
Of of of of
alfanewmerik alfanewmerik