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Earlier today, for about 10 minutes, a lot of you were redirected to a site about lesbians. But from the information I got, it sounded like the content was being served by the domain. Someone pointed out that the content of the page matched This really sounded like something weird with DNS where was serving content from another domain. Being that the site is totally SFW, not selling much (aside from branded t-shirts) and has no ads, and the content wasn't really targeted to anything TwoCans specific, I was curious why anyone would do a hack like this.

As it turns out, I did a domain lookup on and discovered that they are also hosted by NFS Host and have a common nameserver, which is too much of a coincidence. I opened a ticket (just now, so haven't received a response yet) to see if they can provide more information about what went wrong, but it's looking like this was just an odd accident on nfshost's end and not any sort of hack.
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