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I'm stuck with an avatar I don't particularly enjoy either so I feel your pain.
Use Eric-616's technique.
Well, would you look at that! Thanks, Hydrogen!
Alright! I'll try it when I get home
Due to the lack of experience coding and passive hacking, (not hacking people's machines like griefing) I don't understand how to do this could explain it more thoroughly? Sorry to trouble you.
Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.
spam removededed
Wish I had known about this before I made my avatar :p mine’s a poorly-recreated version of a hilarious screenshot from a tv show.
Welp, lindarose11's just posting spam. Great
Well, I claim her soul.
Well, I claim her soul.

I can't use the tool. It says that I need permission to open the doc
This tool is old and bad. Use this one instead.
Does not work anymore. I mean you can still make images the appropriate size, but draw_set_canvas_data can't be affected from the console now, so no image upload haxx.

Use this tool to generate the hex string (images must be 32x32 pixels to use).

Go to the "Edit Profile Image" page.

Open the console and go to the sources page and find the account_profile_image_draw.js file.

Set the draw_encode function to return your hex code as a string.

Save, click "OK", and refresh page.
Can confirm, does work.

Me and all my pixel art of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald (sunk 44 years ago yesterday) salute you.
Just replacing the OP with a link to your post so people can find it easier. 😂
I finally did it holy hell.
Everyone else has cool new avatars but i can't figure out the thing :(
I just cant find the save button
do ctrl-s
ctrl -s isn't working for me. I can't make the yellow triangle at the top of the tab disappear.
It does, it just doesn't look like it. Ctrl-s, click the OK button, then leave the page. Then your avatar will change.
Where's the OK button?
The one you'd normally press to complete your picture.
As far as I can see, there is no longer an account_profile_image_draw.js file. It seems to have been replaced by a drawing_editor.js file. The drawing_editor.js doesn't have any line of code that has a return "(insert hex code here)" line.

How would one go about solving this?
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