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211 = 2048
In case anyone wants to play a crappier version of 2048.

Progression: borderless ROYGBV -> bordered ROYGBV -> THICC ROYGBV.

Escape to restart.
My brother loves this game!
Usually warmer colors represent progression, and so the color order is kind of messing with my instincts. Can you reverse the order?
Good idea. The squares are now kouda-colored.
Now swap out the grid engine with your graviballs engine.

(serious request.)
The colouring still seems a bit unclear. In particular the border is not very obvious, and it is confusing when <colour> and <bordered colour> do not merge.

Could I suggest you run round the rainbow/kouda, but start with light desaturated colours then move to saturated, and finally to darkened ones?

For example...

(I have manually tweaked some of the hues for a better visual progression. YMMV)
Blake said:
Now swap out the grid engine with your graviballs engine.

(serious request.)
DIAV said:
light desaturated colours
Pastel-flavored blocks just in time for Easter!
That works nicely for me. 2^10 achieved.
What does this look like, horseshoes? Hand grenades? >:C
I managed to get this far but I have no idea how far that is.
Wow, #30bf00! That's pretty good!
Use images!
I am planning a new game that will use images, but I would rather use text for this one. Is font/text support planned for the TwoCans SDK?
Everything is planned!

I've been distracted with the TwoCans app but realizing that'll take months, I'll take a quick diversion to updating the SDK.

In the next release of the SDK I'm going to try to just use all the built-in game-related libraries directly rather than wrapping them (with the exception of Game itself and ImageResources, which will obviously still need to be wrapped to guarantee sandboxing).
Blake said:
TwoCans app
I should probably go make a separate thread and say something about this rather than introducing it as an aside comment in an Arcade thread.
Updated with text, for the weak. 😏
Finally! 2^11

I've gotten it in the original version before, but you beat me at my own game.
I made 4096 once in the original, but it was pretty flukey. I usually bomb out shortly after 1024 for some reason.
I've gotten 4096 once as well. Life's all downhill from that point. 😢
My first year teaching was about the time 2048 got big. I spent my office hour each day fiddling with it. The highest I managed in the standard version was 8192, but it all fell apart immediately after.
That's incredible. O_O Apparently the theoretical upper bound is 65,536 131,072 .
Yeah, but that requires nearly perfect play AND lucky tile spawns. There is a basically zero chance to get up to the next one from there, but it isn't impossible if the game is programmed like the original.
Achievement unlocked : 2^12

I'm ashamed I didn't spot it before, but 10/10 for white lettering on the darker colours.
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