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Wizard Duel
I wun :D
Me 2
Nice! If anyone's curious, the AI uses Markov chains to predict your next move based on your last few moves and your move history.

I had the enemy start with 75% health, but I think maybe it's too easy right now.
I did it with random button-mashing, which given your explanation would make sense.
Yep, that's a good strategy. This game is basically a test of your ability to press buttons pseudo-randomly, without accidentally introducing patterns. I think it's probably possible to get a > 50% success rate if you game the AI properly, but I'm not sure.
I figured out that it was using some sort of adaptive prediction method about the time I was at about 70% and it was at about 15%. That is when I started doing it randomly, since I knew it was the only way to game such a system.

Fun stuff.
Back online.
Nice. This is one of my favorites.
i spent around half an hour trying to figure out the algorithm

the only thing i got so far is that the first 4 moves are random
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