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Instructions: Find English words three letters or longer using the letters at the top. Each word increases your score by the word's number of Scrabble points. You "win" the round if you get 25% of the total possible points.

Controls: Type to use letters. Enter to guess. Space to remove all letters. Period ('.') to remove a single letter. Hold shift to scramble letters. Escape to reveal all remaining words or get new letters if you already revealed them.
because I'm currently using Crayon libraries that are incompatible with the TwoCans SDK.
Which one?
It was added to the allowed list. In fact, Sentient Sandwich uses it for level files.
Nice! Added. Now I should really fix that 20-second page-freezing load while it's building the word tree. :S

There's no library for async tasks, is there?
Eventually I do want to make it so that the VM will automatically yield to the browser if it's taking too long. I haven't done this yet since I was the only person using Crayon, but now that people can upload their own games, it's become kind of important.

A few options you can do now:
  • Use Core.currentTime() to periodically check the time and then break from the word tree builder and then resume on the next frame if it's taking too long. 100 ms is probably good enough to prevent unresponsive window
  • Separate the workload into a set chunk size.

Also, I don't know if you've trimmed the word list to just the words that are the needed size. That saves about half of the dictionary size and will speed things up.
Good suggestions. For now I just chunked the tree building. I should definitely also filter the word list though at some point.
  • Added clickable letters and buttons. Can now be played mouse-only!
  • Increased resolution and font sizes
  • Added in-game instructions
  • Added a loading indicator and slightly improved load time
  • Added some sounds
Maybe a hint system?
Ooh, I like that idea. Thoughts on how it should work? Maybe you're allowed to click a certain number of blank letters per round to reveal them?
Maybe every word you get right you get a certain amount of "Hint XP" and when you get enough Hint XP you can buy a hint.

Also, the amount of hint xp you get could be based on the scrabble score of the word
Oooh, that's a good idea. Maybe, like, 30 xp for each hint? And one free hint at the beginning?
I would say closer to 50-60 xp for a hint, because you dont want it to bee too easy. My name alone is 24 points
But the longest word I've seen on there is, like, 10 letters long. Your's is... 15?
true, but hints are powerful things. You should need to get a lot of words to get a hint
Well, what exactly will the hints be? a single letter in a word? An entire word? It just depends.
Good ideas! I have added hints. Required more of a refactoring than I expected. For now, you start with 2 hints and require 15 pts. per additional hint. I have increased the win threshold from 25% to 50% to compensate. I may rebalance stuff again later. With a lucky word pool, the game is now sometimes beatable at 100%!
I am addicted... the only thing is me in my infinite wisdom hit tab instead of shift, and that highlights the FAQ link, so the next time i enter a word with enter, it redirects me to the FAQ page. Idk of there is a way to fix this or not

umm what
It's a wall corner?
now that I look it up yes

But i still cant believe that that was the first word I found
I don't thing you can do anything about this, but I keep pressing backspace for delete and having the browser return to the previous page, sometimes losing my progress in the process.
An unfortunate limitation of the Crayon TwoCansAlpha4 API required for publishing stuff to the Games section. That API does not allow checking for Backspace or Delete presses, among a bunch of other keys. I believe Blake is working on a UI library for Crayon that could eventually replace my hacked-together system, but until then, period and left-arrow are the best I can do.

Interestingly, the tab key is not suppressed, so I can read that input, but Crayon does not suppress the normal tab behavior of the browser, so pressing tab will still focus the next thing on the page. Sorry about that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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