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Where's Walzyx?

Made this during a game jam where the theme was "No Man's Sky except you're trying to find Waldo."
I get no response clicking anywhere, in particular neither the "play" or "manual" areas. What am I missing?
Arrow keys to select. Enter or space to choose. Arrow keys to fly your space ship
That soundtrack is awesome. Good taste in music. I am dancing over here, which I suppose is counterproductive to playing the game. XD
Original soundtrack by Evan Witt.
Not bad, and the title music is sweet. I kinda wish it kept playing during the game.
I spend all my time collecting hats. Idk about finding walzyx. I want hats

It's interesting but holy shit it can take forever to find him
I'm confused. Where should Walzyx be?
Go where the numbers are higher.
It's a math game.

Radiation is based on inverse square.

Radiation = C / distance2

By finding the radiation in 3 separate systems, you can triangulate where he is, roughly. You fly in that direction and make a guess and repeat the process.
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