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Click and drag the sliders to adjust the color on the right, and try to match the color on the left. You can also use QAZ/OKM to decrease/increase RGB.

Sorry, but the Euclidean distance between (43, 243, 119) and (91, 233, 123) is approximately 49.19, which is greater than the maximum allowable distance of 25. 😅
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You needed more red, bro. 😛 36 is really good though! I think the best I've gotten so far is like 17.

That makes me think, have you considered implementing some kind of high score API? I don't know how you'd integrate it, but it would be cool if the games page could list high scores somehow.
Yup, I started on a multiplayer API but the eventual goal is to have comprehensive with various user account stuff.

  • Real-time multiplayer API (prototyped!)
  • Lobby and pairing
  • Turn based API with single session (e.g. card game)
  • Turn based API with multiple sessions (e.g. chess by mail)
  • High scores and other persistent data
  • Achievements (and these would also appear on your profile)
That is super exciting. Can't wait to dig into that whenever it's ready!

Also, minor update: the difference and distance between the target color and your color are now shown when you lose.
Feature requests:
  • when you lose, show the solution in the slider itself
  • Put the two palettes next to each other (maybe put the sliders below?) so that you can see the difference more accurately. On some displays, large differences in certain colors can seem subtle.
  • Choose colors that are sufficiently different than the previous color
Done / done / might do later.
The new color must now be at least 128 away from the previous color. Also, I added key controls.
New personal best:
Can you add O, K, and M as R+, G+, and B+ hotkeys?
Ah, that feels much better.
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