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[I've unpublished this from the Games list until I work on it more]

A little necromancy RTS I started working on but never fleshed out. Move with WASD, mouse-drag to pan the camera, order zombies to swarm with 1. Will probably finish this at some point.
How do you control the swarmage?
Just point somewhere and press 1. All the zombies (green) will move towards that point.
What's the objective?
To kill all the humans. It's not really a game yet though, just a tech demo.
Well I turned all the orange blobs grey and nothing happened, so I thought I'd ask.

I presume at some point "you" will have something to do.

Nice backdrop.
Yep, "eventually" will add actual levels with humans that fight back, as well as various spells, such as resurrecting nearby corpses as zombies.
Similar to to Right Click to Necromance. Pretty cool!
Ooh, that looks fun!
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