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This is me fulfilling a promise I made to a friend Freshman year to try to program her game idea.

"Accelerative" is essentially a souped-up version of the game 'flow', with some added elements to create a vaguely cohesive story and add more elements to ramp up the stress. The game should walk you through a basic tutorial for each item, but the essential mechanic is to drag the wires from the solid nodes to the hole nodes and try to fill the entire circuitboard with wires.

Currently, there are only 3 of 5 total puzzles implemented, as well as some 17 of a planned 30 levels, but my school is going to resume doing actual work soon, so I won't have as much time to work on this in the coming weeks. Consider the current version an 'extended demo'.

Also, Crayon is a bit funky when it comes to text between platforms. I've tried my best to account for it, but there will invariably be some issues with how the text renders in-game.

This is really slick!

Two suggestions: make the connected hole nodes look different from the solid nodes (so you can tell which to click if you have to redo something), and make the wires appear while dragging (so backtracking is easier).
Hey, that's pretty nifty! Definitely agreed with Hydrogen's suggestions.
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oh, i just tried playing this one. its one of my favorite of the games on here so far. i love the puzzles, and the banter between murk and aaron. good luck adding to it :)
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