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I have a cool idea... it would be a lot of work to code tho.

yk how minecraft has random seeds. Where if you dont manually input one, it randomly generates one, and it uses that seed to generate the world.

Basically you could add seeds into twoodle jump, so if people wanted to compete on the exact same layout, they could, or they could keep it random and let the game generate a seed
But what would be the purpose of that?
So lets say I want to challenge you to beat my high score.

I could have just gotten lucky rng with my platforms. If you dont get the lucky rng, it is unfair. Lets say I get a good score and I challenge you to beat it, and i tell you the seed, it is fair
Ah, good point.
Fixed seeds are actually very easy to implement in Crayon, assuming the SRandom library is available when using the TwoCans API (haven't tried).
oh well i think it would be a really cool addition to the game
My lowest score is -100,000.

Guess how I managed that.
patience, I assume (that's a super strange bug though lol)
my high is 14683
now 19317
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