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I'm doing this thing, right? I'm calling it 'Ten Days of Games' but I kind of missed the first two, so it's really just 'Eight Days of Games'. Where I'm challenging myself to make one crayon game a day.

And for the first day, I thought a Die-Hard themed game could be cool because

A. As my uncle used to say, "It ain't christmas until Hans Gruber falls from Nakatomi Towers". Or something like that. So why not a Die-Hard themed game?

B. The arcade has too many puzzle games and doesn't have enough shooter games. Let's fix that.

C. It could re-spark the debate of 'Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie' which could be fun.

And it turns out I overestimated just how much I could do in five hours.

So here's PowerTower . It's kind of Die Hard but not really, it was supposed to be just going up levels in a building and clearing them one by one. But I ended up spending about two hours on the AI and only an hour on graphics and mechanics, and an hour on levels.

What does this mean?
  • There are only three levels
  • In my attempt to make a smart AI to create some difficulty in the game, it thinks way too much. Your game will probably freeze as your computer undergoes the equivalent of a grand mal seizure trying to figure out where the enemies will take cover
  • I wasted so much time on the enemies' AI that the collision detection is quite crap. Bullets will often not register as hitting the enemies, and the AI is so big-brained it actually figured out how to abuse the broken detection to occasionally shoot through walls.
  • The game looks like crap
  • The game runs like crap.
  • The game plays like crap.
  • The game, in most senses of the word, is crap.

If I was under any other capacity, I would burn this onto a disk and throw it into a fire before fervently denying that it ever existed. So why am I releasing this? Because I consider this a pseudo-game-jam, and I decided that showing that I tried and failed is better than hiding it and making excuses. Even though I am so ashamed I am literally having a clone post this so it is never associated with my main account, and I will never release it to the actual arcade. Maybe I'll come back one day and fix it. Until then, enjoy this buggy mess.

I swear that tomorrow I will try to have realistic expectations of how much I can do, and hopefully have a more finished game.

Controls :
WASD to move.
Space to kick down doors and kick crates.
Click to shoot.
This is cool and has a lot of potential! Frankly, it's more complete/polished than my own shooter that I spent a whole weekend on. 😂

Is the Eight Days of Games something you started by yourself? I think I might join you!
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