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I got everyone a Rubik's Cube for Christmas! I hope you guys don't already have one...

Click the front-facing cube faces to rotate that layer clockwise. Hold shift while clicking to rotate counterclockwise. Click the arrows to rotate the entire cube. Click the thingy in the lower-left to shuffle or lower right to reset.

Keyboard shortcuts:
  • Q/A: rotate front-left layer CCW/CW
  • W/S: rotate top layer CW/CCW
  • E/D: rotate front-right layer CW/CCW
  • U/I/J/K/N/M: rotate entire cube
  • Escape: reset
I made a cross
It seems to generate unsolvable scrambles, like one with a white-white edge
Dang, you're right... That's what I get for implementing the rotations using chewing gum and paper clips. Will investigate. All purchases final. No refunds.
Fixed probably!

I don't actually know how to solve a Rubik's Cube, which makes testing difficult. But there should no longer be impossible configurations.
It seems solvable now, although the color scheme is a bit non-standard (the standard is white opposite yellow, green opposite blue, and orange opposite red)
I'm nothing if not a slave to fashion. Fixed!
Just solved it! Biggest piece of feedback is seconding the color configurations mentioned above since being able to predict where things are important when you can't quickly turn the cube to glance at things and so this is a little jarring.

Edit: didn't reload the thread after solving it.
Yay! 😃
Awesome!! 👏👏

I was afraid when the video started that it was a bug demo. 😅
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