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This is based on an old game I made with a buddy in college for an iOS programming course. The original version used iPad tilt controls and was titled "Kribo's Flop 'n' Fumble".

Wrap-around mode leaderboard:

Score  Player
339    Leo
312    Hydrogen777
176    redpilled
141    e-bag
 93    Blake

Wall mode leaderboard:

Score  Player
284    Hydrogen777
249    Blake
 97    e-bag
Wrap-around mode personal best: 312

Wrap-around mode world record: 339 (my buddy Leo)
Wrap-around: 93
Wall-mode: 249

I think I hit my stride during wall-mode but then I got an @ that was impossibly red.

It took me a couple games to figure out how to change color.

EDIT: I'm sure it was technically possible, but dang.
That's a wall mode WR!

You have to get within +/-5% of the @'s target speed, so if the @ is close to 100% red, there's less margin for error. It's also just harder in wall mode to approach max speed because you have to time the direction switching precisely.
Very interesting game. My high at the moment is 69.
Fun game. Makes me wish for a proper keyboard rather than these tiny laptop arrow keys. 176 on wrap around in my first attempt after figuring out how to switch colour! Thanks for creating and sharing.
Thanks for playing! 🙂

Edit: Wall-mode PB: 160.
I'm going to maintain a leaderboard for this game, for both modes. If anyone posts a new personal best here I'll add it to the table. e-bag: if you see this, which mode did you get 69 in?
Oh, just saw that. It's 69 in wall mode. 81 in Wrap-around.
Sweet, thanks!
Well, now my high score is 159 in wrap-around, 97 in wall mode.
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