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Blake has yet to update the now-broken Tetris app in the arcade. I have a feeling some people want to scratch that block-stacking itch. I want to work on a simpler game before going back to work on the much larger Project GERALD. So, I took it upon myself to re-add a Tetris game to the site.

Sort of.

This is TetrArc. It's Tetris, but played in a radial system rather than a cartesian one. Meaning pieces originate from the center and move out rather than moving from the top down. More importantly, there's wraparound, which means there's no edge to the playing field. It's a complete circle.


Objective remains the same, to stack blocks and complete the elusive Tetris when possible. The radius is your up/down axis and theta is your left/right axis.

Left - Move piece clockwise
Right - Move piece counterclockwise
Up - Rotate piece (a little janky)
Down - Move piece down one level (out one radius)
Space - Activate guidelines (if you're a little confused about where the pieces go)

I programmed it all today, so it's probably a little very buggy. Bear with me, I'll probably patch it up as it goes along. The wraparound caused me to go a little cross-eyed while thinking about it, so I don't expect everything to work perfectly.

  • I forgot the 't' block. Whoopsie.
  • Music, perhaps?
woah, that's really weird to wrap your head around
My brain has been scrombled by this event. Circle Tetris? Strange.

I do have to ask, why are the arrows inverted? Left makes the piece go right, and vice versa.
u just have it think about it in a 3d way, it makes sense, rather than think about it as a circle, think about it as a tunnel. It gets easier to do that when you have most of a layer complete
e-bag said:
I do have to ask, why are the arrows inverted? Left makes the piece go right, and vice versa.

That's only at the top of the circle. At the bottom of the circle, the controls are the right way around. Not the most intuitive system, though.
I feel like right should be clockwise and left should be counterclockwise. The current inversions feel weird.
eriophora said:
I feel like right should be clockwise and left should be counterclockwise. The current inversions feel weird.

Changed it around, we'll see if it works better this way.

Also added the t-block in.
Ah, for some reason, that's better.
This is so cool! That perspective is intense 😵

PB: 17
Probably a bad sign that I suck at my own game. My PB is 3.

18 now. Turning on guidelines seems to help with judging how big a piece is in relation to the others.
PB 2

awww yeah im rocking this game

What if you add a mode where you move everything else around the peice that is moving.

Also can you make the guidelines grey instead of white? Easier to see when near the center without as much contrast

Oh an if u want I can make some music for the game
I agree with making the guidelines a little darker. At the end, it gets really difficult to see.

PB: 18.
Personal Best: 32 54 67

Any site that has tetris, I will try to get good at it.
The key mashing to move a block gets a bit tricky, as well as the one direction rotation.

Would also be cool to see point bonuses for doubles, triples, and tetrises. They seem significantly harder in this version than in regular tetris.
PB: 69
PB: 20 26 43
Update : Added Music (Generic Tetris Remix)
Update : Added Reset Button (R)
Update : New Scoring System for 1/2/3/4 Lines at a time (1/3/5/7). Tetrises (Tetri? Tetra?) are now highly encouraged by game mechanics.
I think you forgot to mention that it rotates now
Does it? It looks fine on my screen.

Must be related to whatever glitch is causing these blurry pfps....

Press Q to enable/disable rotation mode. Working on adding an inversion mode where pieces come from the edge and go to the center, too. Probably going to make rotation mode worth double points...
Aaand I'm already finding bugs.

  • Resetting does not reset score
  • Inverted Mode
I encountered an interesting bug:

xxxx Oxxxxxxxxxx


xxxx Oxxxxxxxxxx
Found it, it was a weird one to do with the order in which moving blocks were added to the board. Squashed it, should be fixed in the next commit.
absolutlly dizzying. I played for too long and now my screen is melting in front of me I can bearly type. I won't be able to read anything for the next hour everything is moving do not play this too long
Perhaps disable rotation next time?
i just tried it, my screen made a motion like it was a boat, rocking around on the waves
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