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It's a good one for speedrunning; you should give it a shot
i may, but i may usurp the eigenspace invaders, I'm pretty good at that game. got over 200 once.
Koloro Ko (time to 10 points): 2:18
aprzn123 said:
Koloro Ko (time to 10 points): 2:18

when does the timing start? upon receiving the first pattern, I presume?
nomsters timed mode: 59 seconds
I will get that record for Sentient Sandwich.
i'm after space squirrel and walyx next
if anyone is aware of any records in other threads, like the actual game threads, DM them to me. I'm searching them myself, but it takes a hot minute
273 on eigenspace invaders
FOOM lvl 1
Timer starts when you hit 1 to select the level

12.4 seconds
But thats easy mode, what about the other runs
But thats easy mode, what about the other runs

still open
Ok, I might take a crack at it during second period
i'd do casual oops, i can get through a good chunk of it, but I can't beat it. I'm stuck on the last two levels
Yeah I need to practice Foom hard mode
cheese hunter is a weird one, so I'm instating rules as to what you can choose for your run. labratory, full sight. these are the settings we use. the different map sizes will be the different categories. anyways, I got a 43.48
I'm able to beat FOOM medium, but I've never practiced it enough to beat hard mode
Same here
Nomsters: 41" 37"

Also, it doesn't end with dying, it ends with clearing everything.
i've never been able to do that, I'm just bad
space squirrel 14:44

now that's what i call a world record time. sorry for the abysmal audio mixing.
foom on med difficulty 44"

edit: actually it might've been 44. i pressed the button a little early/late

final time, :44

edit 2: took me like 6 or 7 attempts lol
one time i beat grow in under 10 seconds

dunno if that counts
nomsters survival time starts when enter is pressed time ends win the you win text pops up
2 minutes 50 seconds 2:50
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