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[TODO: port to the latest TwoCans SDK]
I don't think I'm ever going to leave this site now.
I can't do it on my tablet :(
Thank you very much, Blake. I love me some Tetris!
Oh yay!
Best Forum Games post ever...
Blake, how do you update the picture so fast and read my mind?

It doesn't gameover however.
Thank you. :)
I <3 Blake. Gracias, kind sir.
I suddenly can't remember my plans for the rest of the day...
What are 'Plans?" Are they like an advanced type of plane?
Here at work... I can't remember anything productive I've done this morning, but play this... ;)
(Thank you, Mr. Blake...)
The Supreme Leader is most gracious, most gracious indeed.

...and I promised myself I'd stop saying creepy things about him so I cannot proclaim my undying love and affection as I would wish to do...
  • Line count
  • Color changing every 10 lines
This is so cool. Thanks Blake.
As soon as I get access to an actual computer rather than my phone, I shall take part in this magnificent game. Thank you very much:)
18 lines.
50 lines.
I've gotten to the point where making things like this take about 2 hours, and I usually do it late at night when my brain can't do anything else productive.

I take requests.
Blake said:
I take requests.

Pacman, it's gotta be Pacman.
And then breakout.
I add my support to Pacman.
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