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[TODO: port to latest TwoCans SDK]
This is damn cool! Thanks for that!
Woo! Awesome!
I <3 Blake. *cough*what*cough* Anywhos, thank you.
For some reason, neither this, nor the previous game posted by Blake work for me, regardless of the Internet browser I use. I tried them all.

Edit: Never mind. Apparently, Mozilla changed its mind over the night and now it lets me play.
Fun, fun... :)

Edit: got 65.
Can this be always kept at the top? And the Tetris one?
I support that suggestion.
If people keep posting scores, they'll naturally stay at the top. In a few weeks, if it looks like this is a thing that I'll keep doing consistently, I may make an arcade category. If not, then what I'm more likely to do is make a sticky post that points to these threads (probably commandeering the game suggestion thread in feature requests) since I don't want half a dozen games taking over 20% of the front page of the category.
Hey Blake, could you make it so that if you lose the game doesn't reset immediately?
I lost my score.
An arcade section sounds like fun.

Highest score so far is 62.

EDIT: Welcome back Insi!
Hello Jackster
=^] I was just thinking about how I haven't seen you around lately.
Yeah, I wouldn't exactly say I've been busy, just not around.
I was kind of on here too much and needed to cut back. A lot.
I guess I can understand that.

My shame score is 145. I may have a problem.
Darn, I accidentally got myself into a corner and I was only at 52....
I'm terrible at snake. Like awful. I just got 19 and I'm fairly certain that is the best I'll ever do..... :'(
190, then I really had to go to the toilet xD .
Hahaha there's no way in hell nobody's played this game in 3 years. I got 61 because I am shit.
Holy hell does time fly fast
I wasted entirely too much time on this.
I was up all night last night. Blood dripping down my four cells.
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