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I used to have a website where I could do this, but my parents found out and I got in trouble :/
So, now you guys have to put up with me!
At least other people will read it (maybe) (also, except for Other Alex and Tatum, you guys are cool :D)
So, if you're interested in reading a weekly (probably even daily) blog, then stay in touch!
You guys are amazing, stay swaggy!
XO, Alex
woop woop!

so excited!

this is gonna be sick!!!!

btw im the guy that has been emailing you

if the alexonline i've been emailing, the alexonline that was previously running the blog, and the alexonline on tcas is the same person
Yes, all the AlexOnline's have united to become one persone and have, therefore, always been the same person. Look out for the first tommorow :D

love your blog, and always have

can't wait to read more!
Thanks so much :D
Blog #1
Hello guys, and welcome to my first ever, shiny new blog!
If you didn't read the first post here, then I'll catch you up.
I have a website called AlexOnline, where I posted blogs and stuff. But I told my parents about it one day (Big Mistake!!!) and they said that I would get in big trouble if I did it again, so I haven't posted on there for a while.
My blog had 2 followers, and I just liked that I had people reading my posts.
So, thankyou to The Other Alex, TitanLord, and Tatum. You guys are amazing, thanks for joining before, and persuading me to keep going. It means the world to me :D
Anyway, now I'm doing them here!
How are you guys? I hope you're well!
I love how supporting the people of TwoCans are, so keep being you, and thankyou! I've had only the rare weird/rude comment on here, but it was when I was like... fake fighting with strangers so it doesn't really count.
Also, who's that guy who always says "do what you want cause a pirate is free"?
I'll tell you more about me, but the theme for tomorrow is fears (i think), so What is your worst fear?
That's all for now, but thanks for reading!
XO, Alex
my name is alex. am i the other alex? or am i the other other alex?

my biggest fear is of not being believed

i constantly worry if i come off as hard to believe or avoid saying anything that may damage my credibility

i am hurt when my credibility is challenged, more so than i think is healthy and i'm trying not to let the constant nagging worry of whether or not im saying something that is hard to believe affect my actions

great blog post though. so glad you're doing these!
Thanks, TitanLord!
You're The Other Alex lol
Thanks for your support, being able to do this is pretty good for my mental health lol
Thankyou :D
My biggest fear is spiders
Biggest fear? Being frowned upon by my relatives, mostly my parents.
Thanks for being so honest!
I'll tell you mine in the next post :D
My biggest fear is the dark. The ocean. Space. I hate places so vast or so dark that you literally can't know or see what's there.
i get the dark and space thing but space is beautiful and the ocean is so full of wonder
But you can suffocate so easily in both space and underwater.

The dark is probably the least scary to most, but it's only scary because it's in the primal part of our brain.
congrats on three quarter of ten thousand posts ebag

m i s s e d

i t
i get the dark and space thing but space is beautiful and the ocean is so full of wonder

I agree! The ocean is wonderful and beautiful. It’s just frightening how dark it gets. The majority of the ocean is unexplored. We do. Not. Know. What could be down there. And that’s a bit spooky.

I cannot imagine the feeling of going to the deeper parts where the sun doesn’t reach. You’re underwater relying on a suit and gas to keep you alive. Looking up, you cannot see the sun.
a lot of my wonder for the ocean comes from playing splatoon ngl
I think my fear of the ocean just comes from me being needlessly paranoid.
I think it's rather realistic. The oceans' one big terrifying gazpacho.
The feeling of dread for the ocean is more obvious to me compared to space since it's a vat full of things that we're oblivious to, but it's a vat that we also are just a bit more familiar with.

Also, welcome to the blog side of the forums, AlexOnline!
I'm looking forward to reading your next blogpost :)
Those hi-res pictures of Saturn are terrifying. Don't let the cosmic dread set in.

Saturn is the largest thing I am afraid of. Jupiter doesn't bother me so much. But it probably should
I'm scared of giving in to peer pressure, or someone making me do something I dont want to. that also links in with being scared of the impacts if that did happen
cosmic horror seems to be a common theme here

but space is so cool what is there to be afraid about

edit i realize how ironic me saying this is
Hi guys!
Welcome back to Blog #2
How are you guys today?
Yesterday, I asked you guys what your biggest fear was.
I heard answers of the dark, emptiness (that one's deep lol), and other things, but the one you were most debating about was the dark.
My worst fear is to be alone.
A little backstory on me:
I lived in a house with my mother, who, for 3 years, would work until night, come home late and get high, and then refuse to feed me. I hated all of the hours that I spent just staring at a tv, playing on the xbox or doing homework alone. I don't want your pity, or your sorry's. I just want you to know about me.
My fear is being alone.
I'm in a better place now, and I live with my dad.
Now that I'm in high school though, I see that even more than ever. When I was in primary school, I remember talking about wanting to move in with my friends. And now, I do that with my best friend (who, for her privacy, I will call her Wool, yes there's a reason.). We have always planned to travel together, to go to uni together and then live with or near eachother.
But now I only realise that it's because I don't want to be alone.
Oof, that was deep.
Onto the next topic, What makes you happy?
Thanks for coming back and reading again, you guys mean a lot to me :D
I'll see you tomorrow, I hope you have a great day and night!
XO, Alex
my day was alright. i tried talking to my crush during school today. maybe was bothering her too much. i mean she probably had other things to do than answer to my inane conversational topics i was grasping at straws for to find but anyways enough about that i'm probably overthinking it anyways.

anyways, i hope the community you find here will be able to (along with your friend) assuage your fears of being alone. i personally don't think it's at all wrong to seek solace in the comfort of companionship with people you enjoy hanging out with. if you don't mind me asking, why is she called wool?

happiness? well, i haven't done anything explicitly "happy" in a while. high school has that effect on me, unfortunately. but there are things that make me content with life and allow the daily struggle to be just a bit more bearable. i think the most recent case of this is just hanging out with my friends on the tpol discord server and sharing songs and listening to music and doing homework together. it gives me a profound sense of belonging i haven't felt since and it's been super helpful to me.

thank you alex! you do the same! loving the blog as always!
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