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hello. this is chicken blog. i start blog now.

blog 1
am chicken. chicken day. life good. marvin in life. life even better. chicken life. i love life.
question of day:
chicken? blucka? mucka blucka? how do you feel on this topic?
Yes. I feel very mucka blucka.

I think I'll become a reader of this.
woo! yay! ill probably do this every other day
Hey there!
I think I'll read this too!
me three
me number
I'm so glad that you all have been so welcoming to Muck. He usually gets bullied on forum websites.
bug said:
me number


@MuckaBluckisnotaDuck What time of the day will you be posting your blog?
good question. i think after school on most school days. no holidays. no weekends. i will only blog during the week (and i might blog a little in summer times)

so basically

~4:00 on most regular days, because chess club
~2:30 wednesdays
if i forget to do a blog. i will do it on the weekend
i am willing to put a lot into this
Very cool.
I'm so excited for this, MuckaBluck!
Muck might've forgotten about this.

@MuckaBluckisnotaDuck I know you watched BORДT on Friday. How was it?
okay blucksy bloggiers time yay.
okay so basically.
blodg #2

many ask why i am bad grammar. its because im secretly a chicken with a computer (not a furry i swearings)

yes i did see borat! it was awful movie. NOT!

i loved borat. so funny. i hope there is a sequel

a few hours ago i did scoutings stuff and things. i have a secret though. it was not with my bouy scoutings troopings. it was with marvins girl scout troop. we sold cookies and i got to help and it was so fun. we have a mascarade theme this year so we got to wear cool masks and hats and it was so fun

btw am having confusions of gender. i thinks i may be genderfluid

my question of day is: have you seenings of borat? did you likings?

ok bye
borat is so good
It is. I really liked it when I saw it. By the way, Muck, there is certainly a sequel. It was made in 2020.
Hi, Blucky!
Loving the blog :D
I haven't seen borat... i have no idea what it is? Im sorry?
Anyway, I just thought I should say hi, welcome to the blogging business!
Borat is a Kazakhstanian movie about a guy who goes to America and does crazy shit.

Also, 99 posts.
Sounds fun!
Also, Thanks for congratulating me?
100 posts, hell yeah!
its because im secretly a chicken with a computer (not a furry i swearings)

There must be a term for furries covered in feathers. I mean come on, scalies are already a thing.
Congrats on triple digit posts, Alex!
Congrats on triple digit posts, Alex!

Thanks so much!
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