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Full stop.
hi hello its chicken man agians. it is time for valenstinesenwjakp themesd bloggy. be ready in a seconds.
blucuka blog #3 (i thinsk)

okay todays was a wild ridings. here are the cons and pros:


butt fart told me that im a poopyhead >:(
i got a b- on an assignlmetn that im no good at, sadings


marvin told butt fart that they were wrong and told me that i look good today :))))
we had a cool and good lunch at lunch. very good lucnshs. they gave us the good juice and not the bad jusice :)
marving gave me some fancy and nice candy. it is guiness flavoreds. i love it. it is very good. thank ysous so much marvings :))))

and bests of alls::

I had s my first kiss?!?!!?!?!??!!?!!!?! wooOWoWo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! insanesd wow im so happyings

okays bldogings over now. bye bye
You sound very happy. I might as well make my own blog thread and make it like the other one but instead of being happy and upbeat just make it unapologetically depressing and angsty. That seems to be where my life is going at this point, so why not?
Muck, I love how you have such a positive outlook on life. It makes my own better when I'm around you.
first kiss!!ยก
Crazy, ain't it?
hoylecake said:
instead of being happy and upbeat just make it unapologetically depressing and angsty.

That would be pretty funny
Well done, Muck!
I love reading your blog!
as promised. its chicken blod time.
bl9dog 4# ( ithink)

todays was a chicken day. cool chickening day. i liked it.
marvin acted very sweet to me and that is very awesome. i love marvin.
fucking reese beat me again in chess club. now im in 4rth place. damn you reeses puffs
emma told some funny jokes and that was cool.
marvin, emma and i all get to hang out at my house this weekend for 2 nights so thats pretty awesome. first sleepover since marvin and i began dating!!!! therre will be alot of cuddles
my cat is licking his crotch. ew

okay thats it i think. i cant remember. but i did have a very good dayings. okay bye and i will put more if i do remember and goodbye

week of quesitionings: do you have a pet? what is their name? what kind of pet are they? are they salty or sweet?
I love your blog. It's a cool blog.

My dog's names are Juno, Rizzo and Hank. Juno is a puppy of 7 and a half months, Rizzo is 10, and Hank is 15. I've had Juno for 6 months, Hank for 4 years, and Rizzo for 9 years. They are all very sweet, but Juno loves to start fights with Rizzo.

Of course, Muck already knows all that, but I am putting it here since you are asking.
blog time
blucsksa blcogs #5 (wowow 5 alerady?????)

today is one of those days that i feel so happpy that i have a boyfriend. i had a very long hug with him today. and it was the most amazing hug i had ever had.

in other words im drinking an after school coffee. it is very tasty. but i have to admit somthing. it is, like, more creamer than coffee. its white as snow.

my cat is being cute. hes nuzzling a pillow.

when were not in school, marvin almost always wears his trusty top hat. he looks so cool in it. i should wear a hat. but what kind of hat?

welp. that is my blodg todays. here is questioning:

gurple snerple? yurple derple?? also do you like cats

ok bsye
Yeah, I like cats

Also if you want to wear a hat, nothing wrong with a typical baseball hat
You always look good in a hat. For you, I'd definitely recommend something like a baseball cap. You look good already, and the colour blue suits you (our sports team's colour is blue, for you guys who don't know that about us).

For the cat thing, yeah, I love cats. I would have one if my dad wasn't allergic.

Bronco, you ninja'd me, but we thought the exact same thing!
I wear backward caps. I refuse to elaborate any further.

I love cats. They're my favorite (real) animal.
Top hat? How tall?
you're allowed to wear hats in school? I mean, all the schools here have uniforms so we're not allowed to wear what we want anyway, but I feel like a hat is something that you wouldnt be allowed?
Remember: I am in virtual school.
how do you do virtual school? I feel like I would hate it and I know I do because of covid, but working at home makes me really unproductive and I dont get motivation to do it outside of school. sorry if I'm talking too much
The things you are worried about are all that happens in online school. I learn hardly anything.
so what do you do? I'm not trying to be rude or anything please dont take it that way I'm just curious
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