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he doesnt love me back :(
guy ive been talking about for the past like six months. its a long story id ont feel like talking about it
ohok well if you decide to you can talk to me i hope youare okay
i feel that i have been manipulative to those i care about and as much as i want it to be false i fear that what people are saying about me is true
is that what people are saying about you
yes and it makes me doubt myself because i feel like theyre right
this seems like a common problem among everyone
what useless threads that nobody wants can I revive
shut up blon this is no time for such poppycock
yeah that was random and unnecessary sorry blon
so you know that song i put in your train of thoughts well i downloaded it and made a program look at it

also i looked up inkyface (the person who commissioned the song 4 years ago) and its like i remember watching them years ago but they are completely different now and i am hesitant to look at their youtube channel and i have no idea why. i am a little strange
at 8pm i was confronted by a friend of a friend who i didnt even know. and they were rude to me and they were unkind because i did something to my friend that he deidnt like. but i apologised to my friend. i tried to apologise to him and forget about it because it made me upset. but now someone i barely recognise is making me out to be stupid like i dont feel remorse for anything. i dont want to lose my reputation if i have one. sure i have friends and thats all i need but i dont want any extra attention than that. i just wanna be a normal kid that nobody other than a select few care about
that is so true and relatable theki have you tried using the block button it works wonders and then if your friends says why did you block my friend say that they sent you a snuff film
i took a nap a few hours ago and now its almost midnight and everyone is asleep my school is still past due and i feel like a terrible person and i dont even know what the fuck i did or what im supposed to do. puberty is ruining everything for me. here i was thinking age 13 was the worst year of my life but im halfway through 14 now and i cant even experience a day without feeling like it was over too quickly and making at least one misstep due to my own irrationality that i just overreact to and dwell on for weeks. nobody loves me back. i want to earn someones respect but it just seems like everyone i meet turns out to be bad for me. i never wanted to hurt anyone
im so glad i am past that part of my life. why is your friend mad at you anyway
From the guy i don't know:
hey man you deadass need to stop fucking with haiden. the shit you do makes him uncomfortable and it was obvious he didn’t want you to lay on him during the play. stop fucking hitting him, i dont care how hard it is or if you’re joking or not , there’s no reason to put your hands on him. its not funny, he doesnt like it, and he’s not your friend. back tf off and go fw your discord kittens or sum shit idgaf just leave him alone
im too tired to explain anything but i didnt hit him honest i dont know what this person is talking about i never meant to make him uncomfortable that wasnt my intent
oh yeah i woudl not listen to that guy he types like my sister like an emo person he is clearly wrong (this is not sarcasm) i think you arefine and haiden is a dumb name anyway
haiden is not a dumb name i had a crush on him but admittedly it is not as cool as kayden who moved a few months ago who was way hotter btw but probably heterosexual and ive known kayden for years whereas haiden ive only known for a few months
i have had crushes with dumb names infact every single one of them had dumb names
everyone i fall in love with has cute names. i will never fall in love with a gunter not by choice but just by pure luck alone. jude is an ugly name thats why nobody lvoves me
well there goes another name on my list of names i like and now it will be moved to the list of names i cannot use because i met someone with that name
also you are being udmb
are you calling me dumb after i just got hurled by insults for things i was already lamenting over. i dont care if thats a joke bug that just compounds things even more
no im sorry theki i meant about the name thing im sorry i don't think you're dumb really
i am so sad and lonely bug
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