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what did i do to you?

i didn't do anything to you
i just dont like your presence so please do not speak in my blog and remember not to speak in my blog. i am asking you nicely trusting that despite your occasional insolence you will follow my request in an effort to make me happier
its been like entire years now and ive been needing a new computer....... my current computer is so old and scrungly the hard drive is starting to deteriorate and with it the operating system itself... and i cant afford to do anything about it, itd be better to just replace it with a newer one since its already behind by other computers by like 10 years. but i cant afford it. no one in my family can afford it. nothing can afford it. im not getting a job just to save up money for a single thousand-and-a-half-dollar computer. there is nothing i can do. nothing that i know. WHAT DO I DO
every time i get pointed out for mistakes i make i get embarrassed and never forget about it like i remember minor mistakes i made from years ago for no reason other than i felt bad about it
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