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What's up dude?
School. Boredom. You?
Bout the same honestly haha. That and the movie I was watching isn't free on YouTube anymore. I was halfway through it!!
What movie was it?
"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"! And now I'm getting recommendations for videos that talk about how good it was lol. Like I know it was good, I was watching it!
i woud talk on your blog theki but the world stops spinning sometimes so i have to deal with that but anyways have you ever been mini golfing
Yes, I have. I'm horrible at it. Worse than my... at the time... five-year old... at the time... friend. 2021. Golf Night (it was day and we had milkshakes and went to a big waterpark later with pink slides that we went on a bunch). Fun Time.
Thank God for New and Notable. Just found a fucking brilliant braindance record and it's only in, like, ten collections. For the love of all that is good in the world you need to check this shit out. red-155 in particular is amazing.

p1nkf1re - cart1
I'm glad you're finding more music you like! Always great to find new things you like, eh?

Also, I have an off-topic question. I'm starting to play drums for real now (got a kit!) and I'm curious about everything. I don't know very many percussionists, so you are probably the one I know best. Here is my question, what exactly is something that is completely crucial to know about drumming? I'd like to make sure I don't completely mess up something. Like, uhh, do kits have to be set a specific way? I feel like my hi-hat is in the wrong position, but I'm getting used to it.
Posture and coordination. It's important that you pin down the ways in which you handle your sticks and manipulate the instruments. Additionally, especially with drumsets, coordination between all parts of your body is crucial. Your feet and your hands need to all stay on the same rhythm, which is unreasonably difficult at first. It all takes practice. You will improve noticeably over time. The one thing I can tell you is that rolls can either be done with the regular side-side arm position or an underarm position.
This is me eagerly anticipating a drum parade coming this Friday that I have been preparing and practicing for since the start of this year. This is also me hearing that after school on Thursday my grandma and my brother and I are going to Tampa for two days and that I'll have to miss Friday. This is awesome. This came to me without warning. I had no idea this was even happening. This is just really, really cool.
Intrusive thoughts can go fuck themselves.
Most listened to albums of the past two years

why is fall guys on there
how do i find this
Do you have a account?
no what is that
A website I presume
Website that tracks what you listen to across websites and applications. Think Spotify's recommendation system but better and gayer (in a good way).
i am downloading now
These EOCs are good for me because as long as I can demonstrate that I know what I've been taught I am going to be okay. I have lackluster grades because I never finish anything, but most of my teachers don't know that and just assume I don't care about or don't listen to what they're trying to teach to me. But I got a 5 on the English EOC. That's going to account for a really substantial portion of my grade. Higher grades mean, according to the school, smarter students. I am no smarter last week than I was this week but my grades have improved substantially. According to the school board though I am.
Making wallpapers is a very fun pastime

Holy fuck.
I don't think those two words work together. What's up?
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