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Seems like everyone is doing it, so

Day 1:

Help, I need out of school
I have to stay cause I have eSports club today after school however
* Playing Screaming Noise.mp3*
so many blogs
If I had to group all the blogs:
  • Bronco's : Brevity
  • Mucka's : Positivity
  • Mine : Longevity and probably negativity as well
  • AlexOnline's : The Pioneer
  • Acky's : Absolutely no idea. I apologize.
Okay, today got a bit better, Bill Wurtz uploaded a new song
I'm glad you said something. I like this song.
There is nothing bad that comes from Bill Wurtz
Except for his multi-year hiatus.
I don't really like Bull Wurtz's music. Then again, I listen to Radiohead, so disregard everything I say.
who the everlasting gumdrop fuck listens to radio head

[Insert Radiohead Lyric]
creeps and weirdos
Day 2:

So we have a new sub-category for blogs, nice.
Here's a fact:
Me and my accounts are separate entities(like p0tat0 and their account)
The entities have their own accounts.
Myself, that is the account of BroncoBoy18. BroncoBoy18 has the account of minewizard14. minewizard14 has the account of BroncoBoy1800. BroncoBoy1800 has the account of Smol Bronco

Make sense, no, good.

On a unrelated note, I played some Super Smash Bros Brawl yesterday, and oh boy they changed a lot in Ultimate. For one, Bowsers side special kills the opponent first, then Bowser, making it a completely viable strat in that game. They also changed up the smash attacks, and you cant charge up Kirby's hammer.

Anyone want to give me some more differences?
Bowsers side special kills the opponent first, then Bowser

That sounds ridiculously dark out of context.
Who's BroncoBoy19 and BroncoBoy20? So many unanswered questions.
I'm pretty sure BroncoBoy19 is an entirely different person, and the 20 is a fetus.
IDK who 20 is. 19 was Anonymous TCaS user
20 doesn't exist. Yet.
But they do exist.
Day 3

Thanks Theki for letting me know in advance about the boss rush at the end of cave story, now I need to brace my self

My question for you is who do you play in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?
Greninja, Lucina, Toon Link
Back when I played it willingly, I would usually play as Kirby.
When I get to borrow someone's Switch I play as Kirby. Now, if you're talking about Rivals of Aether...
Let me guess, you do Workshop?

Day 4:

Wow, Hoyle was not kidding about the final boss gauntlet of Cave Story, I got through phase 2 of the Doctor battle on 1 HP, without a save point, or the Life Potion I was impressed I didn't get hit for a while during the trio battle

Question for you:
What is your favorite Indie Game?
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