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what convo tho
about mis. T
Hey fellow matter entities, I made a checker to see how often which trainer will be the final opponent in The Academy Ace Tournament in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as with each run through, there are only four options for the final battle in it.
What did you discover?
Nothing yet, need to collect data, which means I need to do some rounds of the tourney
Time for me to catchup in game lol
Guess who managed to survive a Kamikaze from my friend playing Hero in Smash Bros. by inputting Gannondorf's Warlock Punch which has super armor?

Making this my new Discord PFP.

kris kringl

In order to keep Kirby silent, they put tape over his mouth...

But I don't think he really cares.
His short stubby arms cant reach his face to take the tape off
No, they could easily reach the tape, but Kirby is too innocent to not take it off
Actually, Kirby had to have both arms amputated after contracting necrotizing fasciitis.

This seems off...
A scene from Right Back at Ya!:

Tif: "Kirby, go rescue my brother please."

Meta Knight: "No, deja que el anciano jefe de policía rescate a este niño pequeño."

Ahhhhh, a nice cauldronbath. I am not being boiled alive, not at all...
I've seen this clip before.

We interrupt your Kirby content to bring you, Kirby content.
Current thing my class is studying: Post-modernism
Movie that goes along with it: The Lego Movie
Life updates:
I leave high school on Friday

My school does a trivia tournament at the end of the year which I'm taking apart in, NOBODY at my school knows ANYTHING about technology.
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