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Let me guess, you do Workshop?

Meh. I main the bird guy. He's funny. Favorite indie game is OneShot, to literally no one's surprise.
Day 5:

Sorry for being gone for a couple of days, I wasnt allowed to have technology on vacation.

My phone is now actively able to receive texts and calls, so I rejoined the Two Cans Telegram

The day we have planned throughout history has arrived, it is Twosday(2/22/22). And here you are, on Two Cans and String.

Question: What is your favorite song in the Undertale or Deltarune sound track
Cool Mixtape.
Day 6:

Dont you love it when dehydration makes you feel extremely weak and barely able to hold a cup of water or stand

My question for you:
If you have watched/read JJBA what is your favorite part?
I've never really been into any type of anime, but Bronco, are you okay?
Yeah, I feel better
Good, good. Water is good.
stay hydrated. be like foo fighters.
My dad's friend got married to a Foo Fighters song.
Don't know how you can marry a song, but I'm sure that's an interesting family dynamic
Haha. I meant his bride walked down the isle with the song playing.

And yes, my dad's friend is Talking Ben.
Day 7:

how touching
Have you even de-crypted it first
you should first, as there is a question in there
i have no clue how to do that
It's as easy as finding a stack of an item in your house in minecraft
uhm ok, well someone else will probably do it
Wkdwv uljkw, L'p hqfrglqj wkh eor jwrgdb, WKHUH LV QR VWRSSLQJ PH!!!

Pb txhvwlrq wr brx, zkdw lv brxu idyrulwh flskhu?

To decrypt the next puzzle, think in three's and watch JJBA: Battle Tendency, its good, but watch Phantom Blood first.
Stripes figured out the first part, good job
Thats right, I'm encoding the blo gtoday, THERE IS NO STOPPING ME!!!

My question to you, what is your favorite cipher?
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