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And Twocans isn't?

Britannica on continents
Alright, sorry about that. Thank you for clearing it up.
all good

you can call it either really, just remember that oceania is a region, and australia is a continent
I'm starting to loathe coffee. I don't know why.
I bet Austria is awesome.
coffee tastes horrible

austria isn't half bad
It isn't the taste, it just makes me feel sluggish and moody.
give it about an hour
I meant that it always does that.
I don't think it's the caffeine that does that. I'm usually fine with energy drinks.
i like coffee but only when i make it

do energy drinks actually taste good
It smells like Princess Pissyshits in here because someone is spraying their perfume EEEEEVERYWHERE. I will really emphasize the "fume" in perfume.
i hate perfume
It's Friday the 13th.
yes it is
is there a reason that your duolingo account is ⚰️
Nah, I privatized it a while back. Sapphire league suddenly became a pain in the arse to deal with.
how does one private a duolingo account
Privacy settings.
that makes sense
should I get duolingo? it is good
no its terrible dont waste your time
It's a nice thing to have around, I recommend it.
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