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i never learn anything from duolingo
2 says no, 1 says yes. hmmmmm
Unsuspecting link.
nevermind i love duolingo try it for free today!
My father acquired a chunk of his personality from Ernest P. Worrell.
me aswell
You're much younger than him, are you sure?
im not younger than him at all
did you forget bug is thousands of years old?

edit: oh wait now that sounds like your dad seems thousands of years old that was an accident oops I didnt mean it like that
Agreed, Stripes.
What are the summers here like?
quieter sometimes
where you live? I have no idea
I meant on Twocans, sorry.
i return to serve
Half of the posts I make are thrown away.
Does a special thing happen when I reach 8000 posts?
no, only when you reach 10k
you release bodily fluids originating from your bladder and your rectum in the fabric of reality
no, only when you reach 10k

Like what? Do I enter the Super Kewl Club?
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