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I hate the name of this blog. It's dumb and stupid and isn't even awesome.
I think it's pretty awesome. Would you say that if even one person thinks it's awesome, then therefore it has to be considered as such?
awesome blog
i think it isn't dumb, but is stupid

stupidly awesome

i have a nice amount of posts
What is the worst word ever? It doesn't even have to be in english. What is the foulest curse in any language?
frog faced blob of camel spit
Such profanity!

Actually, I think I've figured it out, but it's so inappropriate that I can't post it. DM me if you want to know what I have concluded to be the worst curse word ever.
say it
I'd get banned.
then tell me in dms
i wanna know too
tell me too
I switched the colours.

ooh they look so nice. I personally like the second one better
This bird is pretty.
eh, I wouldn't say pretty, but to each their own I guess
These kids are playing pattycake.
that bird is very pretty
Unfortunately, I cannot see Muck this weekend.

Bug bu bug bubu g bug buug buggub.
thats so true
I'm drawing Muck, still. I have added clouds, a pink flower bush, and a sky in the background. I want to add more. What should I be adding to the drawing?
Why do people freak out when I crack my wrists?
i wish i had the ability to crack my wrist
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