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e-bag said:
Too bad there are clouds, and I cannot see it.

Same here
at least we can still attack the Water Tribe
same for me, and the clouds are still here. idk if I should bring a jacket to school or not, usually these clouds mean rain but it could just be cloudy today
There is a bomb in your mailbox. You know who you are.

This was aimed at my gross classmate Summer who doesn't shower.
GHghgggHhhgggg check your gallery.
Uh oh, I have to go to the thingy tonight.
rip minecraft firefly
Yes, rip it up into a million little pieces.
rip and tear until it is done
rip minecraft firefly

Yaaay, finals, can't fuckin' wait.
what finals you got
All of em'.
very specific, thank you
Such devotion, from a little gnome.
I'm a terrible person.
That's because I lie to cover it all up.
I'm so used to lying, that when I end up in tears, I only think about making the tears seem convincing.
e-bag said:

see, acky? people here care about you. not me. not me. never me.
It's all a lie. The people here lie too. I can tell that E-bag lies. You might even be lying. I hate this world. If it weren't for Muck, I'd end it. Gah. I'm gonna go bash my head into the wall.
is muck a lie
Muck's the only pure, truly honest person I've ever met.
ok i was just asking because ive always thought muck was just you on a different account
Why would you say that? That's a little hurtful. She means the world to me.
its just what i thought
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