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Do I have a best friend?

muck probably, who I havent heard from in a while
Oh, right. I kinda forgot that two people can love each other and be best friends at the same time. There should be a word for that.
well, if you love someone, I guess its automatically implied that you're also good friends with them? like the step before being in a relationship, idk
Oh, I suppose so.

Okay, yay, I have a best friend. This makes me happy. I hope Muck feels the same.
The onlz thing keeping me from talking about Muck and how damn sweet thez are is mz worries of sounding like a creep.

Also, oops, I forgot how to change mz kezboard back to usual. Qwertzuiop adfghjkl yxcvbnm.
German keyboard moment.
Oh right, now I remember. I will change it back now.
Goodnight, Acky.
bug said:
if youre gifted a horse its rude to look in its mouth because you're checking to see whether its young and healthy or not, basically not being appreciative

That makes so much more sense!
All this time I thought maybe people were saying "don't hook" because obviously punching a horse in the face seems like a bad idea.
I need to become less stupid.
I fucking hate this avatar.
Someday, I will die.
Which one is better?

I am not a fan of the first Trolls movie. I have not seen he second.
What would happen if I crossed an elephant with a squirrel?
Which one is better?

they both look really cool but I think I like the second better. idk. I cant decide
I thought so too. The font on that one is better.
yeah the font is nice, but I also kind of like the pattern of the other one
I think I'll combine em'.
I'm typing this out for a school thing. Don't worry, it's for Art, not English.

"After becoming a UN volunteer in Syria to supply locals with the necessities they need, Hugh J'Bum's life turns upside down when 74 refugee children are surrendered to him! In "Hugh J'Bum and his 74 Children", Hugh J'Bum (played by Hugh J'Bum) learns that children, even when they are just fish eggs in a bag, can be a real handful! With his fish wife companion Whet Faartz by his side, there's only one thing that could ever stop him: the ruler of the sea, John Claypool. But, even through tough times, Hugh J'Bum will prevail and protect his 74 Syrian refugee fish children!

*No fish or fish eggs were harmed in the making of this film. But, a lot of them died."
Nowhere is safe.
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