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Oos ay deditagan, I plawichohaa, golossina gay, oobebabeba.
Oh mah gawrd. GTA IV's soundtrack kicks ass. That loading screen along with the music is fucking dope as shit dude.
I fish with Muck today and this weekend. We're undoubtably starting a fishing club now. Yippie!
Hey acky dewd. We're doing an thing in just a bit. You in for it?
Ye dewd. I might not be there until the end, though.
How does 5:20 sound? Around 5 mins from now.
Okay. See you there teki.
Yo let me draw
Ey. Firstly, thank you Theki for inviting me, it was fun while it lasted.

Secondly, fishing was fun. Muck caught a shit ton of fish because they were using night crawlers, I caught a bunch of bluegill and a crappie. My back hurts. There's probably an ugly spider on me. Fun!

Oh, and Glorscher is still on. When we do our first tour, we're gonna call it the Glorscher Reich because that sounds badass and fits with the name theme of Glorscher. As for what genre of music we'll be making, fuck you, no genre, only fish.
Got some advice from a friend on drawing bodies n limbs n stuff. Thought I'd give it a try. How'd, uh, how'd it turn out?
Very kewl, dewd! Love it.
TEKI. Since. I. Missed. The thing. Because I went. Fishing. Do. You. Want. To draw on a little sketch page I have pleas?? It woud be foon. So foon. Also we would proabably have more time to. Ye? Pleas?
Ehhhh... tomorrow. Too late right now and I"m just really tired. Also I took more advice and holy shit this is way cooler than i thought.

I found that it's easier to just make ovals separating the forearm and the arm and then draw over them. Wow. Goom taught me all of this. All of it. He's the dude who drew the uhhh... the Chowder rendition of my the dude with the white hair.
Ok, understood. Sorry to bother you about it. I'm glad that Goom's advice has treated you well.
I'm goin' to bed. Later, y'all.

Also I finished my drawing of Emma in #6 from earlier. I don't leave character drawings unfinished, that's a shit tier move.
Well, here we are. Look at this dumb ffffffucking idiot. Haven't drawn an entire body in like 10 months. Looks decent enough. Goodnight, by the way.
it's cute!
Ol' Hank's been gettin' real thin lately. Might die soon.
awh no poor hank :((
Ok, time to make Glorscher art.

If Glorscher really did become an official band, what would the name of our first album be?
I do not mean to be needy, but does anyone want to play some kind of online game together? Your choice of game.
This is a pig. Oink, oink, oink.
If I wasn't struggling to stay awake, I might want to. I hate fevers.
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