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No more posting for today, unless things take a turn for the better. I don't wanna disappoint the 3 people that still read this old thing.
Nevermind, that was my stupid side speaking. I love breaking rules, anyway.
Yay! I love waking up at ungodly hours of the morning to fish, and ending up catching less than usual!

I think I'm gonna go take a nap.
Hello DOINK. Doinkers. Badoinks. Doinky.
i have fig newtons
I will start playing Animal Crossing more often again. I will buy Nook Miles tickets until I find Apollo, Coco, or Bob. That would be pretty cool.
I watched a movie today. "Daddy Daycare". Excellent movie. Great character design and development. There's also a character in the movie named Marvin. He likes Star Trek. I think that's pretty cool.
Bass lesson tomorrow! Wednesday too! And also, talk of a nice cozy sleepover with Muck. Next week is gonna kick ass.
I made a clay forg and a mushroom. They aren't much, but I had some fun making them.
Can the forg sit on the mushroom?
Mushroom tall. Mushroom wobbly and spiky. Forg no sit mushroom.
Forg sit under mushroom?
Forg does! Under mushroom, on lilypad.
* g a s p *

You did not inform about the lilly pad.
Just you wait until I speak of the pink flowers and pond.
I am going to cry happy tears.
Yaaaaay. Yyyyyy. I might be getting my braces off soon. Maybe.
I now can (sort of) play the bassline of Word Up by Cameo at a slightly proficient level. Just a bit more practice, and I'll be good. I say that this is a SUCCESS!

Rock Steady's gonna be harder and quicker, but if I can play Word Up, I think I have the confidence to do it too.
I caught a Great White Shark just now in Animal Crossing. Well shit.
Man. I'm trying to draw stuff, but I keep getting distracted because grrrfphhhh nn hnngnsnn.. hnnn.... ghsrsf..... hrrrrf....
It's deathly quiet in here.

I have another group lesson tomorrow, and plans to hang out with Muck on Thursday and possibly through Friday morning too. That would be great. I actually miss Muck a whole lot, but all I've been feeling like lately is a big red flag with all my clinginess. At least I can recognize that. I've gotta find a better balance of distance. Or maybe not. I'll figure it out.

To change the subject, I think I'm gonna change myself for my 8th grade year. I'm gonna chill the fuck out. No more superstress, no more getting in trouble for getting mad at people, no more of the old me. I'm gonna be cool. I'm gonna respect people more, too. Especially Muck. I feel bad for not giving them my 110%.

Sorry for this sorta long post here, I just love writing stuff when it isn't what I usually write about. Unless there is ninjas, swords, or Muck. Do I think about Muck too much? Oops. Okay, bye bye.
hiya acky
sorry about the quietness, I do always read the blogs or I either:
a) respond in my head and then forget to actually write something, or
b) you've already moved on from the topic lol

I dont think you're being clingy, I always want to spend time with my friends everyday, and I'd probably want to spend more with someone I love, so I think you're good with the clinginess also I'm sorry I dont know how to not make everything about me this is your blog I'm sorry

also dont change too much, I like you perfectly the way you are (which I think a lot of other people can say the same thing)

and sorry this was so long idk how to make it short
Aw. Thank you, Willy. Now that I think on it, maybe everything's fine.

However, I mean that I will be kinder in real life. I'm better with it online because there's more time to think about what I am saying, but in person, I have a short fuse.
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