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I caught another feckin' Great White Shark! This means I've found more Great White Sharks than scallops.
Sharks only appear in June, so enjoy it
Really? Well shit. Do they sell for more out of season, or is that a dumbass thing to say?

Edit: Lies! Great Whites can be found from June through September.

I should also mention for a side note, Dom and Rocket were my two starting villagers. I'm gonna make sure Dom never leaves, and I'm gonna evict Rocket for space for Bob as soon as possible. Turns out I had Bob's Amiibo card lying around, so I'm gonna make a campsite and I'll be set.
Whuh.... Blowfly Girl was real.....
Another bass lesson today. I am going to do my best to not be a trainwreck.

Also, my 3 new villagers in Animal Crossing are Apple, Olive, and Rex. Olive is fine, probably one of my favorite normal types, but the other two have got to go.
Everything's gone to shit, literally.

Hank has severe diarrhea and Rizzo might have pink eye.
Is the pink eye from the diarrhea?
Very possible.
August 27th 2022 is coming soon, and someone is going to be born.
Yaaaaay! I get to hang out with Muck today. We might play Animal Crossing together.
I'm back. I miss Muck already.


He might still be up for Glorscher. Only on the inside work, though. Not really "in" this little future band, but involved in it.

Hanging out with him is very fun. We just talk about random shit and play video games, sometimes.

Also, now that I have returned home, I can safely say that Rizzo is fine again. It wasn't pink eye, it was just something wrong with her teeth that happened to affect her eye. She's okay. Hank still has crippling diarrhea.
Does anyone want to play Animal Crossing together?
I only have New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo, so if it's that, then yes.
I do not have Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo, my apologies. With my previous post, I meant Animal Crossing New Horizons. I am sorry for the confusion.
I went to a theme park today. Hoo boy. I'm gonna try not to overdose on Tylenol. I may have sunburns all over my body, but I mourn the cells that committed suicide today so I don't have to have cancer.

This is Florida weather... C'mon. We're the tornado state, not the scorching hot sun state.
What the fuck is going on with TLC? And why? And why, just why did NASA found it?
Hey. Uh. I was just talking to Mucky over our writing thingamajig.

They are in!! Glorscher lives on, with our favorite chicken friend included. I think Muck is just anxious about being in a thing like this, as am I. Muck might just be the wildcard of the crew, because they have not decided if they want to sing, write songs, play guitar, or all of the above. Any of which would be pretty neat, as we need someone to do those things.

In fact, I think I will write songs of my own too. They might suck, but hey, I'm 13. Any song I write now is gonna suck anyway. But, if I get a head start, my future songs will be written with even more experience. I've got plenty of time. Les Claypool began the bass at 14, no? I can do this if I just stick with it.
I'm writing a song now. It is called "12", because it has a time signature of 12/2. I have had this idea for a while, and even if this first try does not work out, I'll try my best to keep my idea around as long as I can.
I just remembered that I suck with making music and can't properly execute music theory. I'll just stick to what I can play right at the moment...
You could do 3/4 time. 3 times 4 is 12.
I could, but I am going to bed soon. Maybe tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestion, it sounds interesting.
Hey fuckers. Henry is on my island now because of the campsite! Yeeeeeaaah. I can't wait for Amiibo cards to be compatible so I can replace Rex with the superior lazy villager, Bob.
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