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It's Tom Nook. Anything involving him is a scam
You're saying that about a guy who sells you a starter house for a price lower than a fancy violin.
But then a single room add on costs more then the house itself, and its smaller
He's a good man, just trying to make a profit for Nook Incorporated. People know what they're signing up for when they sign up for a getaway package. Plus, it's called a getaway package. Stuff like that is supposed to be expensive, no?

And then, when you show up without a Bell to your name, he lets you pay off your initial debt practically for free with the Nook Miles program, where you just go around, do random shit, and bam, debt paid.
That is only in New Horizons, I play City Folk.
Right, yeah. He's more of a dick in that one. Then again, it's been a while since I've seen anyone play City Folk.

NH is geared towards a younger audience who just wants to do nonsense rather than spend the whole game working out of their debt. That's what I think, anyway. I don't know. RC Cola ain't good, man. Sorry if I'm sounding rude.
Over the past ~30 minutes, I've slowly come to realise that Celebrity Deathmatch is the best show ever. Gore, whores, and comedy are all things I love.
That first one is slightly concerning.
I should specify. Gore is cool in cartoons. Gore is not cool in real life.

To change the subject, if I had a nickel for every dream I've had where I've killed a kitten, I'd have 2 nickels.

Attempted making my logo. Didn't turn out great [ONE PIXEL ERROR] because I'm better with Inkscape than I am with Illustrator, but I don't have Inkscape on my HDD so whatevs.
yall should play planetside with me so i can give yall orders (okay this has been my monthly alotment of existing, good bye again)
Updated thing with like. 100x the DPI kinda. Made to be viewed on a white screen so pretend like the artifacts aren't my fault.
Neat-o spaghet-o.
Everything in this world other than Muck, this website, fishing, and Devadander is scary and bad. I will live in a cabin in El Sobrante and live with Muck and adopt a dog and a cat so we dont get too lonely even though we only need each other. We will also educate the Californian children with our many wisdoms. We will fish commercially to make a living and we will harvest the seas for our meals. We will also write many stories as a hobby along with caring for our family of us, that dog, that cat, and our houseplants. Did I mention the houseplants? I did now.
News flash! No more Etoile. I met Sheldon. He's so much better as a villager. He is a jock squirrel, and I would really like to have him around.
That is only in New Horizons, I play City Folk.
Which version of City Folk? I think I have it on the Wii.
Yeah, City Folk is the Wii version of Animal Crossing
Oh, wait, that's right. It was only ever on the Wii. For some reason, I thought it was on DS as well.
Well, you can connect to your DS
Happy 25th anniversary to The Brown Album. Today is a special occasion, folks, so I don't want any bad language happening here today. My thread, my rules: no swearing and no disrespect to Brown Album. If this rule is disrespected, I will, uh, not be happy, and I'll tell you not to do it again because today is a day of Brown.
Okay... this doesn't relate to anything in anyway, but fuck you, this is my blog.

I've moved on from DMV rotting my mind to The Toys Go Winding Down rotting my mind. I listened to DMV too much... and now I need a break from it, or else my ears will HURTY because I SUCK at managing how much I listen to songs. I'm also on a "sugar rush" from "pepis and such" (AKA multiple kilograms of cocaine in my system) so NO GGRAMMAR for YOU. FUCKWADS!!!! Hshshshsahaha.
It seems that MY MOTHER has CHILDHOOD TRAMUA because of JUNBUGZ,,,,, do not bring them up near here, you see, she will be NOT happy!! Gjadsnfrignr.,,,, the juenf bugs we get here are SO BIG and she HATEDS them,,,, jsut about as much as i hate WEST MISSORUIANS,,,,,,,,,, fucknning west missoruisns are the fufcsd9gnj WORST GFVDE B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
what about wood chippers
Alright, all the fun is over now, and I should not have drank this much Pepsi. In a little while, I may begin to crash. My deepest apologies if I take it out on this blog. I'm gonna go play Animal Crossing until I feel so sad that it's sickening.

Postscript, the reason I'm drinking a shitload of Pepsi is because there is a sale going on at our local Midwest market... 2 bucks for a 6 pack. A family like the Gatschets goes batshit crazy over a deal like that, even if we really, really don't need Pepsi. I'm going to finish some of it off before the plastic expires and it starts to taste strange.

Oh, and I personally have nothing against wood chippers. However, I don't see the point in them.
Yay, no crash yet.

So! Whenever I have an idea for the writing thing that I'm on the fence over if it's stupid or not, I post it here, and let it simmer in my head until I come to a conclusion.

Here's a location idea: O'Malley's. It's a bar that some of the main characters go to hang out in. It's named after, uh, a Primus thing.

Now... It's owned by this cat guy. That's the part Muck came up with, and it's the part I'm integrating into this. Forgot his name. Shit. Uhh. He's on this website, that's all I can remember. I can't fucking believe myself right now, look at my dumb ass, forgetting the name of one of my friends??? Who the fuck do I think I am. FUXK!!! How could I forget Holly's name. Well,, we call him by a different name when we write about him, and WE DON't EVEN KNOW IF HE'S COOL WiTH US WRITING ABOUR HIM, so that's that. When we're writing, we call him, uhh, i forgor. Anyway he owns it and hes the bartender too.

There's waitresses too, though, and since they're Gaean, like the cat man, that means they can develop much more fat in their body, be it good fat or bad fat, they are BIG BOOTY BITCHES. Muck, if you are reading this, I'm sorry, you are the only big booty bitch I'll ever need... by the way, you aren't a bitch, that's just a joke, I love you. Y'get what I'm sayin'??? This place is 30% Hooter's, 10% original idea, 30% Dave & Buster's, and 30% miscellaneous shit pulled from miscellaneous places, mostly Primus.

There's an arcade there too, because why the fuck wouldn't there be, huh?? It's got a quarter-run Guitar Hero system hooked up for co-op, as arcades do, and it's kinda used in the main storyline. Y'know, the part of the story where two of the folks in the series go back to being total BESTIES after a big fight... because, uh... they have a shared love of Primus and they were telling each other, "Stop acting like youre so good at guitar!! You SUCK at guitar!!! I could kick your ass on Guitar Hero Expert Plus Mode On Pork Soda!!!!"... Okay, that's a hole I've gotta iron out. One of them plays bass, Guitar Hero excellence doesn't mean real talent on a real instrument... Also, this isn't for reading, this is for me to post and then think about, fuck you!! Joss kidding. Maybe I am crashing, the chills and the anger are already here anyway. And then they drink the hate away with a couple of highballs and theyre so BESTIES AGAIN!!!! Yass. And then one of them gets high and COMPLERELY forgets about it, but the other jsut forggets becuawese he is nice and wants to stay friends.

Ok that's about it. Haha I almost typed tit haha. Let's wait about A WEEK!!! and see if I am going to delete this or not,, I cannto wait to see if I love it or hate it.

BY the WAY!!!! I fish with Muck in the morning!!!!!!!!! Yay. Ok bye.
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