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there was a wood chipper in my hair and it was making mouse noises and they bite really hard and now im traumatized also you wrote so much i don't even remember what you said
Sorry about all that stuff I wrote. Right after writing that, I got really dizzy and fell asleep.

Yesterday, I didn't post at all because I was too busy having fun. Lots of fishing. Lots of hanging out with Muck. We all had a great time. Muck and my dad caught more fish than I did, but that's okay, It's not like it's a competition. I kinda spent the rest of the day afterwards playing video games and hanging out with my dogs, because they are super duper cute.

Well then, I'm gonna go check in with that thing I wrote last night and see if it's turned into a steaming pile of shit or something I can actually implement.
Animal Crossing. 2 things:

1. REX HAS BEEN EVICTED! No more shithead Rex. Rex has been replaced by Rio.
2. I'm nearly done with the shops on Harv's Island. About 20,000 more Bells, and Tortimer will be here to finish it all off.

That is all.
Someday... I will achieve monies and move to a cool place like Austria or El Sobrante. Eh, I don't know. I suck and German and El Sobrante probably isn't as great as I think. Then again, I can do anything I set my mind to. Right? Buh. It's just a silly dream, anyway. I'll be better off, and happier, here in Missouri, where I can have Missouri City, Jefferson City, and St. Louis. Have any of y'all ever been to St. Louis? It's great there. There's a lot less crime than how the stereotype goes.
I have a friend who lives there. He's says everything is nice except for the fact that they won't shut up about Chuck Berry, and that once you get outside of St. Louis, you remember that Missouri is "the only state that wasn't in the Confederacy, but really wishes it was."

His words, not mine.
Oh, that's just the southern side of Missouri talking. Either that, or I'm too quick to defend Missouri.
Does anyone want to play Jenga?
I'd talk more about how things are going, how my Animal Crossing island is, my dream of Glorscher, Devadander, and how much I love and miss Muck, but I have a surprise:


Furthermore, no one wants to be online during the summer. The one thing I'll share before halting future posts here until Fall comes around, is that I may soon resume bass lessons, this time at Guitar Center. The previous area I was receiving lessons from was a largely local place, so I felt it would be awkward if I mentioned its name. Plus, the local place was just shittier, and the folks down at Guitar Center are smarter, wiser, and will give me a better overall experience. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!
hey! I'm glad you might do bass lessons again! and I would reply more often, but I dont play or know anything about animal crossing. and it's so empty here, so I dont check in that much

I guess I'll see you later!
April's fool! I'm bored to TEARS, so I'll stick around. Thanks for replying here, Will, I'll try to limit my talk of my now 4-star island with new villagers Broffina and Cyd.

Anyway, I just taught myself Psycho Killer on my bass through a Youtube video. Yay! Time to do nothing productive for the rest of the day and maybe ask Muck if they are still into Animal Crossing and if I can pretty please do some awesome epik trades with them. Also, I haven't been fishing in a while, so I might do that soon. Okay bye.
I forgot what I was gonna do today, but I'll be gone for a while because of it. Bye bye.

By the way, uh, if I really made Glorscher real, I'd need a keyboardist. Or some kind of pianist who's skill can carry over into keyboard. Maybe? Probably. I don't know, man. Maybe I don't. Uh.
I can't say what happened today. Confidential. But I saw my grandparent's spoiled rotten French bulldog. Also, Freebird was on the radio today. Kickass.
I am going to find a way to eat an entire sheet of paper. It's part of my Extreme Destroy This Book page, and now that I am done, I must eat the page.
you should put it in water until it breaks
and then drink it
no paper cuts to the throat
Either that, or you crumple it up, soak it in water, and just eat it like that.
I have news... My hate for Kansans has died down. I'm sorry for all the things I said about Kansans. Kansas City can be shared between the two great states of Kansas and Missouri. There is no more need for hatred coming from me about Kansans. In fact, I think I'm alright with people from New Jersey now. Not all of them are bad.

I've learned my lesson. Hating a specific group of people is not okay if it's just a specific few that are bad. I'm going to try my best to say nicer things about the good people from Kansas and New Jersey from now on.

This was not necessary to post, but I'm so bored that I'm playing ukulele.
Hating a specific group of people is not okay if it's just a specific few that are bad.

Hate is only justified against bigots and telemarketers.
Eh, not all telemarketers really have a choice. But I agree with hating bigots.

Tonight, I am feeling sad because I have just learned that a lot of the songs from Frizzle Fry are about really sad stuff. Thanks, Genius Dot Com. However! I will draw now to make myself feel better. Don't tell me what to draw. I will draw Zinger. Zinger is my favorite word and a new little character I've created for fun. He's got worms in his brains, he's best friends with a hot chick in a peacock costume, and he does drugs sometimes, specifically marijuana and LSD. He is also a cube, but the rest of his appearance may or may not be inspired by the way some characters in Smiling Friends and Drawn Together are drawn.

DID I MENTION! I have been watching Drawn Together lately. Batshit crazy show. Love it. Mum is disappointed in me and probably regrets not getting an abortion. YIPPIE! I'm gonna go put on a bandana and act like a dingbat for the rest of the night. Bye y'alls!
ARGHE!!! I PANIK!!! My most favorite character might be a Gary Stu. Oopsie. Uh. I must FICKS. He doesn't have the silly stuff like rainbow hair, gold eyes, and half angel half demon half wolf half cat half shitstorm amougus man but SHIT!!!! Ujhjj. They bend the laws of reality just because they can and stuff, because they "created it and can distort it however they may wish" hur durr durrr shit. This happened because of my shitty writing when I wanted to make a self insert character into my own thingy. Ugh... Terrible. I don't even have the heart to change the name from my own to something else. And, they have, like, a ton of friends and stuf. But howw and whyy? Why so many fren? "Ohh I'm such a shy guy ohhh I don't like people :((((!!!!!!" meanwhile 30 people hanging out at a party with him while he does sick party tricks and is getting ready to go bang his awesome GF who loves him soooo much for some reason. FUCK! I have GOT to iron out these FLAWS from my FAVORITE LITTLE FACELESS MORON. Smart? Check!!! Cool?? Check!!!! Talented???? CHECK!!!!! TOO MUCH GARY STU-NESS????? CHECK TO THE FUCKING CHECK!!!! Fuck! Ugh... I need a list of flaws I can jam-pack into this lovely fucker.
I took one of em' corny Mary Sue quizzes, and got an honest 12% to reassure myself that it's all neat-o spaghetto. Eh. It could be better, anyway.
I wanna talk more about my little square Zinger.

His age is unknown. He has 3 friends. He is a neat cube-shaped guy with stick figure arms and legs. He is not concerned about his brain worms. He is WORKING on his drug problem by doing good deeds for others and just generally being a good and chill guy. He has had a past of weed, arrogance, LSD and just general asshole crackhead energy, but has matured and changed. He claims to have an excellent sense of fashion, which he does, and he wears a top hat and bowtie with matching gold accents. He is extremely short, standing high at about 2 or 3 feet tall, but likes to use various materials to lengthen his legs, so he may wear his prized bleached jeans. His hobbies include fooling around with electric instruments, retro video games, and hanging around town with his close-knit friend group. He dislikes people who pretend to be babies and scientology. He believes that animals should not try to act like people. His favorite bands are Metallica, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Fish. He is bad at things like science and math, as he prefers to focus on things that are not stressful.

I beg of you, please, ask all the questions. I don't care if they are stupid, I am stupid.
zinger seems like a pretty interesting guy!
Yippie! I am very glad to hear that.
Well, now I'm going to make a paper model of this fucker and do nothing else for the rest of time. Bye y'alls!
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