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That is indeed news.
M'yes, indeed.
When I get home, I'm making an alt account.
Y'all ever listened to Oysterhead? Amazing band. I love Oysterhead.
Because of Les Claypool, isn’t it. Did you put them on the bracket?
Motherfucker running around the room screaming. Fuckin' Band-Kid lookin' ass bitch. Shut the fuck up, disrespectfully. And then he calls ME annoying for telling him off. Fucker.

acky I like your avatar
Thanks man. When you invert it, it becomes GAY.
And when you invert GAY, it becomes ⅄∀פ
So wise.
Dude. I think my brain just POPPED.
Like corn?
Did someone say CORN?
Alright, just checking.
No, it popped like I've been huffing paint. I felt shitty and forgot the pain for some time, but now I remember to feel the hurty. Ich.

Anyway goodnight.
Goodnight, Acky. Hope you feel better.
Actually, I still feel terrible, if not worse. I took a painkiller, and I'm not gonna eat today for a long while so it lasts longer. Thank you for the good wishes, though.
Bullshit your way through it. That's a bad habit to get into, just not wanting to do things.

I don't think it's a habit. I think I just have a mental illness or something; I have so many symptoms of ADHD I would be more surprised if I wasn't diagnosed with it than if I was.

Besides that, I drew some sketches of the guy and 1. I love the design I created, 2. One of the sketches I made is probably my favourite drawing I've made and I don't know why? 3. I made a cool drawing for the assignment, then I had to colour.

And then... and then I used solid colouring, bright coloured pencils because it was all I had. And it looks abrasive. As. HELL. And I hate it. How could I mess it up this badly??!! I'm sure my teacher will be lenient because she ain't my art teacher and she'll probably guess that all I had were brightly coloured pencils.
That's called stylin', man. It's a form of art. Also neat avatar.
Earlier I drew an uncomfortable cat and a freaky lookin' humanoid guy sayin' "Holla holla holla, I'ma holla at you" at the cat. I'll recreate it when I get home.
I've found a way to enjoy my alone time during lunch. It's peaceful. I don't know why I didn't like this before. Kids suck, man.
I wanna work as a JUNIOR HELPER at my MOM'S BAKERY and make MONEY. I'm gonna. This Winter. I'm gonna use the money for something cool. Like a fretless 6-string bass. Or maybe I won't make that much. It would be cool to get a pedal or something so I could play Soundgarden songs.
your mom owns a bakery??/???
She works at one. She's not just a baker, though, she's a whole caterer.
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