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I know, but I don't feel like doing that. Pwned.
Darn. I have been pwn'd.
I'm gonna make a friend. He is Thomas and he's the only other bassist in our grade orchestra. He's cool and friendly and I'm gonna be friends with him I hope.
I'm gonna see if I can get my friend to join this website when he gets his Wi-Fi working.
Do That. And Git His Sol.
Okay. But check Jet The Jem.
Check out this SEXY BASS.
Dude. I'm surfing Wikipedia and I have come to the conclusion that Muck's birthday is in Genderfluid Visibility Week.
Dude. I have 300 edits on Wikipedia. You are talking to the master of Wikipedia here.
Man. I don't ever edit because I feel like I'm gonna fuck up and smart people will be mad at me.
People don't get mad at you, they just say "hey. you're wrong. let me fix this for you." They're only mad at you if you're mad at them, and most of the time that's not even the case and they just tell you to calm down.
I will not be active after school today. If I am, yell at me, because I HAVE A MASSIVE FUXKIN ASSIGNMENT DUE AT 12;00 AM ABGHYGHUHYGHYUIHGHUJHGF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey. Hey. Look at this.
AAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit I may be mostly agonistic but if you are there SEND A SIGN I BEG YOU!!!!!!! IKIKikik. Oofofhhhcccvvv. I'm screwed, man. Just screwed. I'm gonna fail this shit. Goodnight everybodaaaaaayy!!!!!
Excuse my profanity, but fuck. I've gotta learn a little bass riff to show my gigi or I'll disappoint her. What do I do? Tommy the Cat? Bohemian Rhapsody? We need new pornos! Guess I'm still writin'.
You know what's stupid? Cunt. The word CUNT, is apparently the worst non-slur profanity word. And I don't understand why.
What you don't know is that I can say the forbidden word. One that ascends profanity territory and crosses into slur territory, but that's okay because even if it's a homophobic slur I'M GAY and it doesn't offend me so I can say it all I want. I don't, usually, since it is a REALLY strong word and people will probably immolate me for saying it without reading my Discord bio... and also because it's against the rules of most online spaces. But I can say it, so I'm cool.
The forbidden word? What word? Is it the riff from Stairway to Heaven but vocalized into a word?
The F slur. The scary slur. Not the F-U one, the F-A one.
AAAHHHH!!!!!! I shit my pants and died just imagining that scary word.
RHnaki have you ever seen movie? THa mvoie?? Movie about stinkery idiot butt,
(217 DAYS AGO)

It's late, but I forgot the blog.

I'm hanging out at Muck's house. His mother is out doing something, so he has to be away for a minute. I'll be excited to see him when he gets back.
We drew a fictional map. That was fun.
Earlier we got to listen to some music, and that was great.
Today feels really nice. I'm glad for this life. It's times like this that I wonder what is happening in the worst timeline.

Fact of the day: The first place in any timezone to celebrate the new year is Tonga.
Question of the day: What's your favorite dog breed? Do you have a dog?


The hell happened?
hoylecake said:
You know what's stupid? Cunt. The word CUNT, is apparently the worst non-slur profanity word. And I don't understand why.

honestly i don't even think of cunt as a profane word. i never even learned it until i was 15, well past the age of being taken aback by profanity, and i learned it from australians and brits online who use it 24/7 for whatever random crap they want. and nowadays i mostly hear it from the gay/trans community who got it from ball culture (serving cunt = looking hot and feminine).

that's the problem when a word is so bad people NEVER use it. you never get taught to feel disgusted by it. even slurs are only disgusting because people say them. if no one ever said them we'd forget they even exist.
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