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Hey y'all.

Guess who is in the 98th percentile of K-12 reading in their state? It is I. Maybe I'm smarter than I thought.

Today was really nice. Martin's positivity radiates and infects everything it interacts with. I almost solved a Rubik's cube today, but messed it up at the last minute. But, that's okay. (An edit from later, I solved it!)

A lot of people seem to be quitting their blogs. I think I'd rather keep doing them. I used to have therapy, and it's nice to talk about your day in-depth with people again.

I'm wondering if I should hang out with Martin again this weekend. It would be nice to go see a movie in-theater with him.

Fact of the day: The average amount of arms is less than 2.
Question of the day: How are you when it comes to academics? What do you specialise in?
everything, i am a genius
Is it time for a blog already?

The days have been a bit boring recently. I need a new hobby, and I need it quick.

I'm sorry if I talk about Muck a lot, but she's just so cool. I want to do something cool with her, like go to a theme park or something. I know that I've been using pronouns for her a bit loosely lately, and that is because she is kinda bouncing around the gender spectrum. That's cool. I'm confident being a guy, though, so I don't think I'd ever do something like that myself.

Juno and Rizzo keep fighting. It is a little loud. They are good dogs.

Fact of the day: If Garfield was president, he would abolish Mondays and paint the White House orange.
Question of the day: Do you like peaches?
Blog time.

I can't think of anything remarkable that happened today, other than spending time with Muck, which was very cool and awesome.

I always include that I hung out with Muck in these blogs, because if I didn't, then I would feel bad. Let me know if I ever forget, because I hang out with them everyday, and if I did not, I'd specify that as a downside of the day.

I need to come up with more silly nicknames for Muck. They are my joyfriend, after all.

Fact of the day: Someone today told me that it is possible to fit a raccoon in your anus. I corrected them, and said it is in fact possible to fit two inside of your ass. So, that is the fact of today.
Question of the day: Uhh, I need nicknames for Muck. I already call him stuff like "chicken, chick, dear, darling, buddy, captain, peaches, mud" and whatever else is normal.
Hi. This is a triple post. Could you guys please speak a little more in this thread, if it isn't too much to ask?

Today was cool. I don't have much to say about it, other than how I spent time with Muck, which was certainly awesome.

Lately I've been worried about things. Dementia, suffocating, being hurt, the usual. But mostly hemorrhoids. I'm not worried about getting them myself, but, most people get hemorrhoids in their lifetime, and they are extremely painful. I shouldn't worry about that, though. I'm too young.

Fact of the day: My dog Rizzo just sneezed 11 times in a row. I counted.
Question of the day: No questions today. Just quote other questions I've had and answer those.
hi marvie darling. sorry for not responding to blogs. i either usually get sidetracked or don't have time. but i think your blogs are super cool. i love you. ok bye
I understand why. I have no idea how talking works when it comes to blogs. Alright, love you too, bye.
Uhh, I need nicknames for Muck. I already call him stuff like "chicken, chick, dear, darling, buddy, captain, peaches, mud" and whatever else is normal.

maybe this is just me but that seems like a sufficient amount of nicknames. sorry i haven't talked, i thought i did, but i guess i didnt
The next step is to call them Captain Peaches.
thats what i thought too
hehe that sounds funny. i like it
Blog atcha face!

Not much happened today, as per usual. I had a scouts cookie booth shift that Muck got to come to, so that was awesome. She wore a skirt to that booth. What an awesome gal.

Not much else to say, though.

Fact of the day: Milk makes me vomit. Especially milk that isn't wholly fresh, and is a type with any fat in it.
Question of the day: Don't you think Muck is awesome?
muck is awesome OFF heroin
Heroin? What? What's going on?
I love Muck. Muck is great. Sometimes I wish I could be more like Muck. I secretly admire her tbh.
She is so god damn sweet, isn't she? Just a radiant beam of sunshine.
I wholeheartedly agree. You're a real one, Muck.
I wish I could say more sweet words about her, but there is no word for how kind she is. Tender-hearted? Humane? Affectionate? I really can't find any words that truly fit how she acts.
An angel 😇
No, no. An absolute goddess, who has descended from the heavens as a gift to all of mankind.
wait what pronouns does muck use? i feel like i missed something
She's genderfluid. Today, she was very feminine, so I'm calling her a she. I have to pay attention to these things, elsewise I'll feel bad.
that is good to know. thanks
No problem.
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