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Samus honest to god I forgot what you look like and today is a day where I feel very silly and zany. I will go to a pawn shop and maybe Guitar Center, and after that, I will draw you and Axolotl.
aolotl might send u a face reveal of me...

and i'm being serious
i already did
Jesus fucking christ. Is it possible to put weed in ice cream? I had a little earlier because my dad wanted me to try some but holy shit. It's like my brain has been renewed. No headache. Clear thoughts. Everything is good. I want to listen to Primus. What is happening?
hey acky
no weed, weed is bad. no.
can you add me to your tomodachi life game pleaseee???
Absolutely! I've got a reference of you from drawing you a while back, give me a minute and I'll do it.

Anyway, I have a sin to confess: I got a new bass. Bass number 4. It's blue, acoustic and I love it. I'll name it an androgynous sounding Primus based name.
thankyouuuuu <3
if basses make you happy, buy them. who cares.
theres 3 members of primus, you should name a bass after all of them :)
Excellent idea! I've actually been toying with the idea of naming a bass "Les", but I've been saving the idea for when I get a Gibson Les Paul bass. A simple little acoustic couldn't carry his glorious name. However, Primus has had only dude members in it's entire history, all of which having masculine names. Thank you for the suggestion, though!
acky how many basses is too many basses? is there a hard limit to the amount of basses you are willing to own?
Sky's the limit. These basses are my babies, and out of the 5 that I play regularly, I've fallen in love with each and every one of them. I doubt I'll have a fine stopping point anytime soon.
Ahh, screw this. I tried singing today since I've gotta if Glorscher doesn't find a singer quick, and, well... I'd be a lot better if I was a real dude, plus I suck. I hate my voice so much. I've got Metallica blaring and I'm gonna start practicing voice miscalculation. If my parents hear me, I'll tell them the truth, but not the trans part. Win win for me either way, because I prefer the sound of male singers over female singers and my parents know that, plus they have been hinting at me that they want me to sing anyway. Gonna be siiiiiick.

Edit: I'll keep at this, but for now, I'll stop because I'm afraid of my parents hearing me and I can't stop headbanging to Metallica.
Death to kittens!

Anyway I've decided to get shit together tonight and draw da comik. My parents are so fucking loud but I can power through. I need a character to be a shitty king with grey morals. Similar to a bad USA president but without left wing this, right wing that. Should I make up a dude or make it a dude from TwoCans? It can also be a queen or an emperor. The gender doesn't matter on thisun.
nvm, bad idea
Noooooo, tell me!
well i said either blake or JAXXIE but i don’t think it’s an appropriate idea
Neat idea. I think that Blake and Jaxxie are fair rulers, though, and this king dude is kind of a bastard but still a good king. I'd say more about who he is but I don't wanna spoil anything.

P.S. I've come up with a name for my new acoustic (Sathington) but not a name for the comic. I hate to ask, but do you have any suggestions?
umm, not really. i’m pretty bad with unique names to be honest.
Eh, that's alright, me too.
I've got some actual name ideas that i spent like 20 ish minutes on shhh for these little idiots I'm putting in the comic. They all sound really stupid, but just bear with me. I'm willing to tell you where they come from, too.

Devadander Willoughby
Emdari W. Zin
Aron Mu

Are they stupid or good? Too many vowels? Should Axolotl have a funny name too or just be called Axolotl?
well, who is who here? i think the names are pretty good though.

also yeah just make my character axolotl
Thanks dude. You've been a pretty big help on this, thank you. Here's some name explanations:

Muddy is the chaotic wizard's name. Muddy is a derivative of Mucky, which is my occasional nickname for Muck. Plus, it ties it to "My Name is Mud".
Devadander Willoughby, as names themselves, are both from Primus songs and are used to represent my little character. The little purple one. Did I post the thing yet? I forgot.
Emdari W. Zin is an anagram of minewizard, one of Bronco's alts, so Emdari is the orange-ish one. I'm still working on drawing him, so it could actually be red because I forgot.
Aron Mu is the evil one. Aron comes from Aran, as in Samus Aran. Currently, Samus is using the account $4MU$, and the only letters in that account name are Mu, so I got Aron Mu.
I hope that covers it well. Thank you.
ok, these seem pretty good to me. i think i’ve got a couple questions. sorry that they’re kinda specific

1. is the story actually fleshed out yet, or are you making the story after you fully make the characters? just wondering
2. if the story is fleshed out, or even if you have a rough idea of where it’s going to go, do the names have any connection to the story or are they just names?
3. are you going to use the full names of all of these characters every time they are referred, or just the first name
Thank you for the questions, here are my answers.

1. I've got a rough idea of what the story will be, but I'll kinda just come up with it while I'm making stuff for the comic.
2. Just names. Names with connections to upcoming events kinda irks me in fantasy stories, unless it's some kind of prophecy that a dude will be born and will do this. Know what I mean? Like how the dude in Chronotrigger is named Chrono and he travels through time. Sorry if this sounds aggressive, I mean this in a nice way.
3. Full names are just for shits and giggles. They'll mostly be reduced to first names and nicknames, with full names only appearing every once in a while for fancy spells or documents.
ackyy. i have a question
What's your question, dude?
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