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Succumb to the Minecraft.
By the way does the server work on Xbox?
It will work on any console as long as you mess with the DNS stuff like you did on the Switch.
Sick, thank you for hosting everything.
No problem. It's fun.
I love drawing at unreasonable times. Right after I changed my avatar, my brain said, "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if you could think about basically nothing other than that clock dude for an hour?". And so it did. This motherfucker is 11'8! His proportions are out of wack and I love it. This Man is the wisest devil of hell in the Ack Chronicles and he could still beat the shit out of you easily, even if his moral code is completely against that. Easily! If he smacked you you'd pass out. My Man is a gentle giant. It's 1 AM. Bleagh.

Kay gotta say more. I'm obsessing again. It's been too long. He's, like, 600 pounds because my man's so tall. I originally created him to be so tall because his concept used to be fancy and evil and I wanted to make fun of the tumblr sexyman trope. That's why he wears a suit and tie and protects the 4th layer of hell. But I really like this for some reason help. Tall Man. The more I read on DND the more I OBSESS. This man!!! This Man!!! My idea is since hes so wise n shit he contributes to one of my characters's ability to do the black goo thing and whatnot. It doesnt make sense here for a reason. I should specify that he is a very kind person. Hes very very very kind. Very fatherly, specifically. Father Time. Because hes a CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAONSNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need sleep.

Last edit. This is the damn thing that has taken my valuable time away from me. This damn picture.

This BASTARD gets 40 HOES PER NIGHT and you get NONE. Wanna be like him? Lengthen your spine, arms, and legs, be wise, be kind, and don't be fucking greasy. This man is the most hygenic ever most ever. You are a discord moderator. Again, NOOOOO BITCHES. Also guard a sector of hell. That makes all the ladies wet. Even the men. Even the non-binary folks. Everybody gets hard. That's how cool he is. He has to push through hoards of horny people every morning, just to get out of bed. More important shit to work on than bangin hoes. And that's why he's perfect for his position, guardian of the beaten. He knows what to fucking do when the walls start speaking Abyssal! He knows what to do when somebody's wailing in pain on the floor under heaps of morphine, having their Enlightenment! He could fucking organize a perfect, peaceful treaty between Elves and Orcs! I love This Man. Not that I'm praising how I've worked on him as a character, because I suck at that, but I just like the concept of This Man. I'm gonna leave now, bye.
I thought you hated Clock Man.
i think he is cool
He's a pretty boring and unoriginal concept right now, but I'm working on it. I appreciate all the praise. Also, I love Roy, but Mr. Flard Dee Doo Doo thinks he's a pretentious Mary Sue piece of crap that I created in a spinged-up fit of obsession 2 years ago.

I may be using Mr. Flard Dee Doo Doo as a tool to express my dissatisfaction with the character.
Hey. I'm sorry that I got so pissed in Minecraft earlier. I'm having a lot of shit right now. I medically needed to listen to Opiate to fix myself. Also, ew, I ate dinner.
hey acky do u wanna hear a song i wrote????
YES!!!! I can't say yes enough. Absolutely!! In return, I wanna show you some riffs I came up with because I just GOTTA show someone.
yay! okie, here it is :)

We're the kids from the broken towns
Raised on dreams and torn-up gowns
Sick of waiting for the world to change
We're taking matters in our own hands

We're looking for revenge
We'll burn down the lies they defend
Our hearts beat with rage and sorrow
But we won't give up until tomorrow

We're the ones they left behind
Fighting demons in our minds
The weight of the world on our shoulders
But we won't let them make us colder

We're looking for revenge
We'll burn down the lies they defend
Our hearts beat with rage and sorrow
But we won't give up until tomorrow

They called us freaks and outcasts
But we won't let them break us
We'll show them what we're made of
And rise above

We're looking for revenge
We'll burn down the lies they defend
Our hearts beat with rage and sorrow
But we won't give up until tomorrow

We're the kids from the broken towns
And we won't back down.
This is such a nice song!!
Dude. Beautiful. I might need to read this again later because firstly, this shit's a banger, secondly, I'm currently in the mental state where I read this in my head using the voices from Frank Zappa's "Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station". It still sounded good, even with that. By the way, if we think the same, I'm telling the truth and you don't need to worry about that. I'd tell you if it sucked.

Also, good morning blog. Do more planks.
thanks, guys :)
im thinking of making that flatlines first song :0
Do you have an idea of the melody? Maybe we can find some chords that sound gud next time we practice
im not sure yet...
also, i was thinking of maybe doing drums or bass guitar?
i would love to do electric guitar but you are doing that too...
unless youre the vocalist?
nvm mcr has two electric guitarists so its ok :)
Yeah there can be 2 guitarists, also if we don't have a drummer we can probably get drum sounds online or use garageband or something
my chem doesnt have a drummer so they just have a new person playing every tour :)
some ALLOS ARE SUPER WEIRD AND GROSS. I have no idea why someone would cuss someone else out and call them ugly after getting rejected. That's disgusting, why would anyone do that. Anyway. I hate Matt Walsh and I feel especially queer today.
What's an "allo"?
like the opposite of asexual and aromantic i tihnk but im not really sure, that's not what allo means itsj just what people use for some reason
I'm still confused. So people who experience attraction?
me too
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