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Uh... Yaeh. We are So Deeply In Love. By 8th grader terms.

did you know that i have crushes on 3 2 different people right now
yowie zowie,,,, spil the beens queen? πŸ‘‘
why did you cross out 3
one died
one of the crushes is my ex who i dated for a year but hes in kentucky and thats why we broke up because he was kentucky and i was florida which is like !!! not cool dude!!!!! anyways we started talking again and now im crushing on him again but with the knowledge that chasing him isnt worth it (he hasnt dated anyonce since me he told me (i trust him))

the other crush is my four year friend who a day after i confessed to him got back with his girlfriend who recently broke up with him and the four months following that have been agonising and depressing and i wish i was exaggerating all of that but no unfortunately those are two very real and descriptive and indicative adjectives
one died

fuck that second ones tough man im sorry
bug said:
why did you cross out 3
the crossed out third crush is dead because he erp'ed with me while i was watching a sea documentary and i ghosted him because it visibly traumatised me and also i didnt like his attitude (he was a very sweet guy and he was like only ten days younger than me) but thinking about him makes me sad and i almost cry about these things but its been months since i actually have cried and it was to evangelion which kind of says a lot about my mental capacity
spooky ☠ i hopeit all turns out well soon man
it wont i hate everything i dont want to live but i dont want todie
so true i hate everything,,,,,, i love everything im so loving mmy jf so much rn!!!!!!!! NJHUIHJKLNM BVH OH MY FUCKIGN GOD XES SO FUCKING CUTE!!!!!! THHAT fuckign smile,,,,,, but also i hate everything i hate living rn i hate having to do stuff i hate this i just want to become dirt once more be a worm πŸͺ±
at least you arent touch deprived acky
I wonder when he switches to being calm.
it feels like it. xes so SELFISH for not constantly being here to SNUGGLE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joss kidding but damnit what do i do in this situation do i just sit around and think about how much i love xem???? this bonus cup remidns me of xem (warm and hot and sweet and very pleasant and something i love) (AJHUYKJLHJGTUYJHY!!!!!!!) what do you usually do? i gotta KNOW i feel very nnngng,,,,, rigth now. and now i hate everytining A<M NBJVHKLM<N BVHGUYIOL

W_Licky said:
Ack has like some internet bipolar disorder. Sometimes, he’s sane and fine and talking normally. Next, he’s screaming and insane and taking like a maniac.

its cuzza mr flard dee doo doo

ok i love everything again please help im thirsting over this fucking chicken
hoylecake said:
at least you arent touch deprived acky

me πŸ˜Ÿβ˜ΉοΈπŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
agagagag im overheating and dying spongebob me boy fucking help me agagarcar ahurghurgararh
Hi. I'm getting into Animal Crossing again. I checked my tent, and after months of inactivity, fucking Genji is in the tent. Give Me! He won't fucking move to my island!! Come on!!! I will be your super muscle rival!!!! The island is big enough for your enormous biceps!!! Jesus fucking christ!!!!!! I'd let you take anyone else's place seriously. Except Bob. You can't have Bob.

Edit: I am so fucking done. I rejected his offer to replace Bob. He can't move in. IBK VGHJILKHULJBFY!!!!!!!!!!
i like bob. hes cool. i had a friend named bob. i still do. he was suicidal back then but thankfully he isnt anymore i hope i think
Yay. Glad Bob's ok.

Anyway I am in a PREDICAMENT. Genji says he'll move in if Henry moves out. Henry's my only smug and I've loved having him but I neeEEEEEEEED GENJI. Whadoido?
Jesus fucking christ!!!!!! I'd let you take anyone else's place seriously. Except Bob. You can't have Bob.

follow your guidelines, reject henry
Starting to agree. I'm gonna do it. Goodbye henry. I sorta tolerated you. Also, I'm on new horizons, if I recall how villager trading works, does anybody wanna barter around on a price and come over to pick up Henry?
Concert today. Mayun.
me in the middle of spring break
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